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9 Chillingly True Ghost Stories From Friends And Family That Confirmed My Belief in Ghosts

Ghost Stories Friends Family Confirmed Belief in Ghosts

I’ve always believed in ghosts or spirits, or some presence that visits us long after a person is gone. It can manifest in the way you get chills down your spine when you walk into a creepy house, a shadow you see moving in the distance, when you feel someone behind you or when you hear someone call your name… but no one is there.

When my Nana passed away recently, I started finding pennies everywhere, in the most random and strangest places. I realized they were pennies from heaven, meaning she was sending me signs to let me know she was still watching over me. Some people may notice they’re finding dimes everywhere, and that carries the same meaning.

I don’t think things happen coincidentally. I think everything does happen for a reason, one way or another. I think a spirit/ghost/angel/whatever you’d like to call it, can manifest its energy, both in an angry way and in a way to represent the love that still lingers on.

Over the years, I’ve heard so many stories from friends and family, true from their hearts, in sincere moments when they were most afraid or confused about what is happening to them or in their homes. These are the stories that completely confirmed the belief I had always had in ghosts.

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9 Chillingly True Ghost Stories From Friends And Family That Confirmed My Belief in Ghosts

1. A Visit From Grandma

Ever since my niece was a baby, odd and unexplainable things would often happen to her. From her vivid nightmares, seeing things nobody else did, to waking up screaming in the middle of the night, she always had, what I truly believe, to be a special connection to the spirit world.

When she was about five years old, our Grandmother sadly passed away. We really didn’t know how to break the news to her just yet. So my sister decided to wait, at least until she could be calm enough to talk about it without immediately breaking down in tears.

Death is a tricky subject as it is, let alone with someone that age on top of losing someone you were so close to. We made sure to never mention it to my niece or even around her, and we were very careful. As days went by, we knew she had no idea our Grandmother had passed.

Then, just days before the funeral, my niece woke up screaming in the middle of the night. She ran into her parent’s bedroom, breathing heavy, all the color flushed from her face. My sister woke up instantly and could see the terror in my niece’s eyes. “What’s wrong?!” She yelled.

Through the shortness of her breath, in between the quick and tiny inhales and exhales, my niece answered, “Grandma was in my room…hiding behind my curtain…Why is she in my room, Mommy? She really scared me, I don’t understand.”

My sister hugged her and could feel her little heart pounding fast and hard. They slowly walked back into my niece’s bedroom together. When they entered, no one was there…but the curtain was slowly moving back and forth. It was as if our Grandma was giving one last goodbye to my niece, even though my niece had no idea she was even gone.

2. A Real Life Poltergeist

My fiance owns a barbershop, and every day he hears all kinds of stories from a vast array of people. One of his clients, who is a regular at the shop, started to tell my fiance about the haunted happenings going on at his house one day. As months went by, the stories became more terrifying each time this client would come in.

This man, his wife, and his son moved into the third floor of a three-story home, with the two other floors remaining vacant. After a few weeks of settling in, it began. Their son, who was about five years old, began having trouble sleeping at night. He started to believe that a man in a hat would sit in the rocking chair in his bedroom in the middle of the night, scaring him to the point of being too terrified to fall back to sleep.

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