Your Biggest Fear According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Biggest Fear According To Your Zodiac Sign

What is your biggest fear in life according to your zodiac?

Before you can definitively answer that question you need to know what it truly means to be in fear. The online Oxford Dictionary defines fear as “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.”

Many things may cause someone to experience feelings of fear, whether it’s the fear of the unknown or a seemingly irrational phobia. When faced with these things our hearts race and palms sweat, and we can quickly become overwhelmed by the flood of anxiety and stress.

It is okay to have fears. We are human beings and no one in this world is perfect. Even the macho man amongst us has hidden securities that only he knows. Fear takes birth as part of genetic inheritance or you may have experienced something during your development that is lingering. Besides the fear of reptiles or water which are also known as phobias, there is one thing deep down that scares you most.

Do you know that the star constellation under which you are born connects you to a zodiac sign and that can affect various aspects of your life?

Your zodiac sign can actually reveal a lot more about what your deep-seated or biggest fear may be.

According to astrologers, each sun sign of the zodiac has its own biggest fear. After all, the zodiac signs are best known for the different emotions, strengths, and weaknesses that are associated with each one. All of these aspects can be examined so that one can determine what it is that most likely cause them to experience fear.

Different signs stand for different things, from the four elements of life- water, air, fire, and water, to various positive and negative connotations. They are also each attributed to a different type of fear.

It’s important to know your fear and overcome it because fear is the most damnable thing on earth and that doesn’t let you grow.

Click on your sign below to reveal what your biggest fear is based on how your stars are aligned and see if what your zodiac sign reveals is true!

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Your Biggest Fear According To Your Zodiac Sign Pin
Your Biggest Fear According To Your Zodiac Sign

18 thoughts on “Your Biggest Fear According To Your Zodiac Sign”

  1. Avatar of Aissatou Sunjata

    Aries knows they are good enough. The idea a warrior would care about what other people would think about an Aries and consider that a fear and more important is ridiculous. Aries fear not being remembered. It is why they usually use something to stand out from all the rest, who obviously wish they were another Astrological sign.

  2. Avatar of Sarah R Conkle

    Let me try to correct it.. Im not afraid of much of anything but nowadays.. But maybe i can try.

    -Loss of a loved one.
    -Needing others because you cannot do things for yourself.. Asking for help.. Course that’s like vulnerability in a way..
    -Being misunderstood.

    I dunno. I think most of those are just things I don’t like.
    I’ve come to terms with losing all of my loved ones and I’ve learned to love everyone without attachment.. I’ve learned that vulnerability is actually a strength, but being vulnerable to the wrong people who don’t deserve it is what brings pain, I’ve learned its OK to ask for help if you need it, not every battle can be won alone.

    I still don’t like being misunderstood, but I do everything I can to promote clarity.

    In anycase.. Aries wasn’t true. We are too independent to care about not getting attention.
    Attention needing is what Leos do.

    1. Avatar of Danial Davids

      I do have one thing to point out in your comment, and that is attachment in an evil sense. attachment has and will always be our sole vulnerability. it brings tremendous amount of pain when you’re being attached to another soul and fear of loss or failure to accomplish your expectations strike through your mind! that is my ultimate fear. and no matter how hard i train my thoughts to bring out the best of what i have at the time being, i still find myself afraid. really disturbing i must say

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