10 Natural Gifts Of Being An Empath

Natural Gifts Of Being An Empath

9. We also are much more aware of people’s thoughts feelings and emotions, and because of this we can almost always sense when someone is lying to us. We know when someone tells us they are fine, but they really are crying on the inside. Because if our heightened awareness we can see through the false facades people up.

10. People can not lie to us without us knowing. Even when someone tries to tell us they are ok but they are not, we see through the facade they put up, and we can feel what’s really going on under the surface.

Your heightened sensitivity is a gift and not a curse. Remember that your thoughts are things, and what you think is what you create. So, next time you curse your heightened awareness or sensitivity level remember some of these benefits of being an empath that you’ve just uncovered.

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By putting your focus on the benefits of being an Empath, you will be creating a life where your gift is contributing to you instead of draining you.

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