April’s Pink Full Moon In Scorpio – Time For Some Deep Inner Transformation

April’s Pink Full Moon In Scorpio - Time For Some Deep Inner Transformation

The April Full Moon is one of the most potent and magical of the year and falls on the 29th-30th in the sign of Scorpio.

The Scorpio Full Moon is always deeply transformative and is one of the best times for letting go and cleansing away things that no longer serve you.

Full Moon’s are always drawing things out of us and awakening parts of us that need to be clear, but under the presence of the Scorpio Full Moon, we are being encouraged to do this in a way that will deeply transform us. We are being encouraged to do this in a way that will awaken and enlighten us.

Scorpio represents death, rebirth, and unconditional love. It also represents the stages of consciousness or the peeling back of layers. At the core layer, Scorpio energy brings us the power of unconditional love, but on the surface layers, Scorpio can bring us ego and greed.

Scorpio energy has the potential to move and shift to where it is needed, which is why having the Full Moon in this sign can be so powerful and also so personal.

Around the time of the Full Moon, pay attention to what new insights, thoughts or feelings emerge for you. This may be a time of deep introspection, or you may feel the need to also retreat and protect your energy from the outside world.

Feeling extra sensitive may be a definite side effect of the April Full Moon, so be sure to protect your energy field and be kind towards yourself and others.


If the highest form of Scorpio energy is unconditional love, then this Full Moon poses the question- what has to die for me to experience this? What do I need to let go of in my life in order to feel the unconditional love that resides within?

“Unconditional love” is a poor set of words to describe this energy and the love that we all are, perhaps it is Divine Love or Enlightened Love, but these words also seem to fall short.


Feeling this Love is about feeling your essence and your true power. It is about feeling the forever you, the forever conscious part of you that shifts and transforms and goes through all sorts of deaths, but also keep on living.

Under the light and energy of the Scorpio Full Moon, you are going to be given the opportunity to peel back some of the layers that have been holding you away from feeling this true essence. You are going to be given the opportunity to feel who you really are, and what you have come on this Earth to achieve.


With this new awareness, you will be able to start clearing, releasing, and letting go of things that are blocking you from finding and feeling your truth. But this is not just about setting affirmations and doing cord cutting rituals, although these can help, instead, this energy requires you to surrender and accept.


It is only through surrendering and accepting the uncomfortable, that allows you to truly let it go. You have to learn to sit with the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable. You have to learn to sit in the muck and mud and face up to your fears and anxieties.


Whatever has been bubbling beneath the surface, whatever uncomfortable thoughts and feelings you have been working with need exposure, and they need you to sit with them in order to clear them.


The time to open and release the skeletons in your closet is now. No more hiding, no more trying to cover them up with fake positivity and a smile, the time to face them is now.

It is important to remember that no matter how much growth and work you do, there is always going to be more. No matter how many challenges that come your way, there are always going to be more.

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