Animism – The World’s Oldest Belief System

Animism - The World's Oldest Belief System

Animism predates any form of organized religion and is said to contain the oldest spiritual and supernatural perspective in the world. It dates back to the Paleolithic Age, to a time when barbarian humans roamed the plains hunting and gathering, and communing with the Spirit of Nature. Have a look.


Animism comes from the Latin word Anima, which means Breath, or Soul. It is essentially a belief system about the continual formation of life through the spiritual nature of reality, and a communion with the Spirits that inhabit all things, from Rocks, to Trees, and all of Life.

To those who practice Animism, especially indigenous traditions, Animism is SO fundamental to their way of life, it is so “experienced fully” that they don’t even have a WORD for “Animism”. This is a word that the modern white man ascribed to  try and understand the ancient belief systems….

It is an ancient belief system, and one that today is still present in a number of faiths, from the Native American Church to Shinto and even Voodoo. How wild is that?

Source – Spirit Science


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