And if You Ask Me Why I Love You, This is What I’d Say

 March 22, 2016

And if You Ask Me Why I Love You, This is What I’d Say

Someone once asked why I love you and I couldn’t quite the words to say it.

How do you describe the way someone’s presence in your life makes you a better version of yourself?

How do you find the words to say, in a world full of confusion and chaos, the only thing that makes sense is one person.

I fell in love with you like the way we do songs. First rejecting of the unfamiliar, then every word was on repeat and I couldn’t shut it off.

I love you just because I’m supposed to.

Because you know my secrets, that few ears get to hear.

I love you cause you know my fears, and stand by me as I face them.

For the dreams you believe in, even when I have doubts.

I love you because you can tell with just a look, what kind of day I’m having.

Cause you tell with one word, if something’s wrong.

I love you for accepting every flaw, and building my strengths.

Because you know my past, but dance with the skelton’s I hide in my closet.

I love you cause you have me dialed, and know how to get under my skin.

But, I love our ability to forgive one another and always find our way back.

I love you because you know me better, than I know myself.

Cause you stand by me, even when we’re miles apart.

I love how we can walk away, but still walk together.

Because you respect me, in doing so you taught me to respect myself.

I love you for every laugh, that makes me smile with tears.

Because you wipe any tears, you never caused in the first place.

I love you because you make me feel like the most beautiful woman there is.

For how protective you are of me.

I love the way you love me too.

For the way our fingers perfectly intertwine.

I love you for every hug and how you always hold me a little tighter.

Or how you always let me be the one to pull away first.

I love you for every quirk.

And for everything you think is a flaw, but I see as beautiful.

Because you understand me, in ways I still don’t understand myself.

I love you for every kiss. Every smile. For every laugh. Every memory. For all you are. And all you make me. For better and for worse.

I love you without knowing why or how, all I know is I don’t want to stop.

Written by Kirsten Corley. For more of Kirsten’s work, follow her Facebook fan page.

And if You Ask Me Why I Love You, This is What I’d Say

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  1. Even I love U so much !!! I cant imagine myself without U !!! In this world only my Angel can read my mind n heart n absolutely my soul..n U know souls never get destroyed by God also ,n hence it is called as eternal love.I can hear every thing from Ur oceanic silence in Ur heart.tu me manqué !!!

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