Agoraphobia And The Ability To Conquer All

I began to study a Psychology degree with Open University from the comfort of my very own couch and in my pyjamas. Bonus right??? Yes of course a personal achievement that I selfishly set out to achieve. I realized that I was in fact very clever despite being told otherwise for so long, I had a passion for learning and most of all a better understanding of how I could repair the bonds between my son and I. I am delighted to say that love and cuddles are distributed in this house every day of the week. (Even if sometimes it is strained we are all learning that it is ok to love each other regardless and it gets better every day)

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Agoraphobia (social anxiety disorder) is a difficult illness to explain for a GP but for the person who suffers from it can be hard to comprehend never mind explain. Trust me I know. A little understanding and a little more acknowledgement for illnesses that are unseen or hard to explain is needed. Show a little compassion if someone seems to struggle a little more than you, be kind.

Most of all if you are now where I was then never lose hope, challenge your mindset and even in the darkest of days find a positive for every negative and your outlook, your attitude and in time your life will change for the better there is always a path to your recovery you just need to find it.

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Diana Stone Hanson




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