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How To Find And Keep True Love? 15 Tips That Work Like A Charm

Things You Must Remember To Find True Love

Are you in pursuit of love? Whether you are looking for a partner, manifesting a relationship, or waiting for love to find you, you must have wondered how to find true love. We have the answer!

We all seek love, whether we accept it or not. We all need a special someone in our lives who will stick with us through thick and thin, support us, nurture us, and make us feel as if we are the most important person in the whole world.

We deeply feel the urge to talk our hearts out with them till the wee hours and share our every little secret without worrying about being judged.

This magical chemistry between two people happens only when the love between them is real, genuine, and authentic. True love not only makes you happy, fulfilled, and on top of the world, but it also gets you through the toughest of times.

True love is enduring and it can make you power through every challenge that may come in the way of your relationship, whether it’s internal or external.

It all sounds so dreamy, isn’t it? But how to find true love? Let’s not forget two important things here; firstly, true love is rare and hard to get by, and secondly, even if you are in the most loving and supporting relationship, true love is work.

You have to work hard on your relationship, not only when things are going great between the two of you, but also when you fight, cry your eyes out, and struggle to keep each other in your lives.

No relationship comes without its fair share of troubles, and before you set out to find your true love, you need to learn about these important facts about love, so that you can not only attract real love but also can make it lasting.

How To Find True Love?

Finding real love is not easy and making it last is even more difficult, but we can help! Here are a few things to remember when finding true love:

How To Find And Keep True Love? 15 Tips That Work Like A Charm
How to find true love?

1. Live Your Best Life

Topping the list of things to do to find true love is becoming the person you want to attract. Suppose your dream life is traveling through the world and you desire a partner with whom you can live out your dream of globe-trotting. Will you be able to strike up an interesting conversation with such a potential partner if you haven’t actually traveled to any place other than your backyard?

If you haven’t yet found someone with whom you share a mutual passion, chances are you are not living your best life. Get out of your shell and be around people who are into the same things as you are. It will increase your chances of meeting the right person.

2. Get Your Act Together

Before wondering about how to find true love, be sure to find yourself. Do you have any trauma from your past or are you stuck in an unhealthy pattern of dysfunctional habits? Are you happy with where you are in your career right now? What are your dreams and fears?

You need to ask yourself these questions because you need to build your life before you can share it with someone else. Remember that a relationship is not a crutch and a confident and secure person will not get attracted to someone who has not got their life together.

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How To Find And Keep True Love? 15 Tips That Work Like A Charm
How to find true love?

3. Know Your Deal Breakers

Healthy boundaries are a hallmark sign of a healthy relationship. You don’t have to see eye to eye on every topic with your partner but you must respect each other well enough to never trespass on one another’s boundaries.

Also, is there anything that’s a complete deal-breaker for you? Racism, addiction, gambling, living with parents, anything that’s a non-starter?

If you’re worried about how to find true love in life, you must be aware of the things that are absolutely unacceptable to you and be strong enough to walk away if needed. It’s better to lose a person than to lose your integrity. You can never achieve long-term happiness by compromising your values.

4. Work On Your Communication

For a sustainable relationship, it is imperative that you work on your communication skills. It’s easy to express and exchange emotions when everything is going hunky-dory but only a healthy communication pattern will get you through every relationship rough patch.

For instance, when your partner is determined to do something against your wish and all your logic and reason have fallen on deaf ears, it’s easy to fly off the handle and blurt out something hurtful. But doing so will only harm your relationship and you will regret it later.

So, even before you start thinking about how to find true love, learn how to communicate calmly and always come from a place of love, especially during a conflict.

How To Find And Keep True Love? 15 Tips That Work Like A Charm
How to find true love?

5. Be More Confident

When you are confident in yourself and your decisions, you emit your self-worth, and a high-value man or woman will recognize, appreciate, and get drawn like a moth to your personality.

How to find true love? By being sure of yourself! This way you can easily decide whom to pursue and whom to let go of and will never second guess yourself.

6. Be Open To Possibilities

How on earth will you meet anyone interesting if you keep yourself cooped up in your room, glued to your phone? We get it, it can get hard to go out and socialize when everyone on your friend list is already coupled and busy sharing their PDA snaps on social media. But, how staying in and mindlessly scrolling their feed will help your case?

As covered earlier, to find true love, you need to take some initiative and put yourself out there more. Use social media to make new friends with common interests and build a life for yourself.

7. Learn To Be On Your Own

Not everyone likes solitude and for many of us being on our own is like a curse. However, if you can flip your perspective a little, you will realize that the time we spend in quiet contemplation can help us unlock many truths about ourselves.

If you are not satisfied with your life, spend some time with your thoughts and get to know yourself better. Sit quietly without any distractions and let your mind wander. You will be surprised to discover deep insights and epiphanies that can help you turn your life around.

It goes without saying that this will work wonders for your love life too, as you will be more sure about what you really want out of your relationship and what you are trying to avoid. How to find true love? Tap into your subconscious!

8. Know The Value Of Shared Goals

As much as it is necessary to prioritize self-care and work toward your self-development, you also need to play as a team when you are in a relationship. Don’t get so fixated on your personal well-being that you are left with no consideration for your partner.

When someone catches your attention and you start talking, they must get a vibe that you will be there to support them in the long haul. You should be mentally prepared to make sacrifices, say no to your urges, and work toward a shared goal. Practice being a good listener, try to be more empathic, and your person will find you irresistible.

How to find true love? Give love unconditionally.

How To Find And Keep True Love? 15 Tips That Work Like A Charm
How to find true love?

9. Be Proactive In Relationships

Don’t get carried away by emotions when someone shows interest in you. Mindfully watch their behavior and observe how their actions make you feel. If you are not respected or if your needs are not met, don’t hesitate to cut the cord and move on.

Always remember that things like abuse, cheating, or manipulation are not signs of true love. True love heals and does not hurt.

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10. Learn To Forgive

We are not being self-contradictory here; although there are things that are unacceptable in a healthy relationship, no love comes without some pain and heartache. There will be times when your partner will inadvertently hurt you and there will be many occasions when misunderstandings or disagreements will crop up between you two.

During such times, you have to forgive, understand what are the things to accept in a relationship and look past these minor roadblocks. If you are a person who cannot forgive easily, learn to be more compassionate. How to find true love? By realizing that the petty scuffles are not worth losing a loved one.

11. Take Charge Of Your Life

Even if you have suffered a lot in your life, disengage from the victim mentality. Don’t get in the habit of craving sympathy or showing excuses for your negative behavior. Take ownership of your life and fight against your challenges.

High-value people don’t find the victim mentality to be attractive, and more important than that, you are a victim only if you accept defeat. You are neither a victim nor a survivor, you are a winner!

12. Prioritize Commitment Over Initial Attraction

If you’re asking yourself how to find true love, this is what you need to remember; sexual attraction can fade over time but healthy wholesome love values commitment. Trust, care, affection, and mutual respect are sustainable signs of true love and while it’s fine to be in a carefree relationship that’s all fun and game, commitment distinguishes a fling from true love.

How To Find And Keep True Love? 15 Tips That Work Like A Charm
How to find true love?

13. Be Yourself

If your partner cannot accept you as you are, then they are not your true love. You should never have to pretend to be someone else with your significant other. Along the same line, you will never have to lose your identity for keeping them in your life.

Someone who truly loves you will accept you as you are and will never force you to change your preferences or choices on their account. How to find true love? If you’re someone who struggles with saying no or with people-pleasing, then learn to be more assertive.

How To Find And Keep True Love? 15 Tips That Work Like A Charm
How to find true love

14. Take Action

At the end of the day, love is action and your action always speaks louder than words. So, if you are looking for true love, you have to be ready to be there for your partner, even when it’s inconvenient, even when you have an early meeting the next day, and even when it feels like too much work. How to find true love? Show up for your partner and do things without any ulterior motive.  

15. Be Positive

Above all, always be happy and positive. It does not mean you have to repress your negative emotions or do spiritual bypassing to ignore your sorrows. It means to be optimistic and embody an overall positive attitude toward life.

It means to choose self-care, healing, therapy, hobbies and interestest, and whatever it takes for you to be your best version of yourself and live to your full potential. Positivity is magnetic and so if you want to attract true love, start enjoying your life and your single status.

It Works Only If You Are Ready To Work On It 

How to find true love? By remaining positive, taking care of yourself, and learning to be more empathic.
How to find true love?

Every day many couples are getting divorced or breaking up because they entered into a relationship without fully understanding the inherent responsibilities of this significant life choice.

Finding true love might sound like a fairytale, but it requires sacrifices, commitment, and putting your partner’s needs before your own, but not at the expense of your well-being or happiness.

We hope, with our tips to find true love you will be able to simplify and successfully carry out the challenging task of finding and holding on to your true love.

Things Must Remember To Find True Love pin
Things You Must Remember To Find True Love pin

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