A Simple Mental Health Pain Scale

A Simple Mental Health Pain Scale

A Simple Mental Health Pain Scale


  • There is absolutely nothing wrong.
  • Normal fluctuations in mood and some sleeping trouble
  • The emotional equivalent of a headache. May feel withdrawn


  • Today is a bad day (or a few bad days). You may feel lonely at times.
  • Nervousness, irritability, sadness You may face strong agitation  
  • Impulsive and compulsive thoughts may be hard to cope with. May feel anxiousness and unsettled.


  • You’re avoiding things, social avoidance and decreased performance
  • You are frustrated, annoyed, unable to fall or stay asleep The absolute feeling of despair haunts you.
  • You’re at a critical point. You are angry, stomping and having a meltdown
  • The worst mental and emotional distress possible. You can no longer care for yourself.

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