Mistaking Love: 7 Feelings That You May Confuse With Love  

7 Feelings That You May Confuse With Love  

Idealizing your partner is making them into an illusion. No one is perfect; everyone will falter. You’re not lucky to be with your partner, and that ill-founded idea of “luck” doesn’t equate to love.


7. Friendship

Sometimes we feel an intense connection with another person. But that doesn’t mean it’s love.

I have a lot of guy friends. As a heterosexual girl, this is a slippery slope. Guys tend to try to take things to a romantic level. And sometimes, I do too.

As a hopeful romantic, I want to give everyone a chance. But this tends to be my fault. I mistake a deep connection for someone as love rather than what it is: a friendship.

If you feel a deep connection for someone, but the lack of sexual desire is apparent, then you too could be mistaking love for friendship.

Love is a mystery, but a beautiful one to experience. When found, like any relationship, it requires care and intentional work to keep it flourishing.

Just be sure that what you have is love first.

Written by Kirstie Taylor
Originally appeared on Thought Catalog

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7 Feelings That You May Confuse With Love  
Feelings that are often mistaken for love
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