6 Dominant Personality Traits of Emotionally Unavailable Men You Should NEVER Expect Love From

6 Dominant Personality Traits of Emotionally Unavailable Men You Should NEVER Expect Love From

Men and women are wired differently.

The crux of Split brain research is that the gender differences go beyond social conditioning.

Women seem to be more right brained and men seem to be more left brained.

The right brain is more intuitive, creative and deals with emotions.

The left brain is more rational, analytical and deals with logic.

Therefore women tend to be more emotional than men.

Our emotional needs are greater than men and therefore it is imperative we look for a partner who understands and knows how to respect and reciprocate our emotions.

So, before you fall head over heels for someone, check for these red flags.


Here is a list of 6 personality traits that indicate that a man may be emotionally unavailable. If you come across a person who has these personality traits, tread carefully:

1) Men who have an Addictive Personality

Emotional unavailability can spring from a lack of love that a person received in his childhood.
The feelings of inner emptiness that these people suffer from are the direct result of the parent’s failure to fulfill their needs for love, care and affection.
Children growing up in such an environment where there was gross inconsistency in meeting their love and affection needs enter adulthood with no sense of inner security.
In this background of lack of inner security, they develop an addictive personality.
They will cling to anything outside to ease their pain, be it people, drugs or alcohol.
Even if these people cling to you and profess their love, it comes from a place of addiction and not loving concern for you.
They only seek to receive rather give.
You may be tempted to mistake their addictive behavior for love, but actually it is anti love. It will only trap you rather than liberate you.
Don’t mistake addiction for love and stay away Girl!


2) Men who are Narcissistic

“Since they do not perceive others as others but only as extensions of themselves, narcissistic individuals lack the capacity for empathy, which is the capacity to feel what another is feeling. Lacking empathy, these people usually respond inappropriately on an emotional level and fail to offer any recognition or verification of your feelings.” – M. Scott Peck

The dictionary definition of a narcissist is, “someone with an excessive preoccupation with or admiration for oneself.”
Since they are so preoccupied with themselves, they lack the capacity for empathy or thinking beyond themselves.
They believe that the whole world revolves around them.
They operate from a sense of “what’s in it for me?”
Even if they are being nice and loving to you, it is only to get some benefit out of you in return. It could be validation, admiration or any other gratification. They are just viewing you as an object that is there to provide them with their “Narcissistic fix”
If you are with a man who is preoccupied with himself and ever stops for a moment to think about others, he is Narcissistic and unlikely to provide you with the emotional bond and affection that you deserve and desire.


3) Men who are Workaholic

People who are workaholic are similar to people who have an addictive personality that we just discussed.
They just use their work instead or drugs or alcohol or other people to avoid their feelings.
While, it’s good to be ambitious and hard working, but it is equally important to strike work life balance
A person who is a workaholic will not only spend insane number of hours at work but he will also be emotionally and mentally absent while he is there with you.
He would be so preoccupied with meeting targets and deadlines in his head that he will not be able to enjoy the present moment with you.
You don’t want to be with someone who is not capable of slowing down once in awhile to enjoy a sunset or birthdays or anniversaries.
Let him go Girl!

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  1. How do I tell my friend that this article is her husband to a T? I want to help, not embarrass, anger, or overstep the friendship boundaries. Any suggestions? She’s only 28 and has so much life left for true happiness.

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