How To Go Through The 5 Stages of Relationships And Keep The Peace

Stages of Relationships

Relationship Challenge: Taking Each Other for Granted

Now that you can easily predict each other’s decisions and behaviors, your partner may have become boringly predictable. Worse still, your relationship may also have become predictable and lack a romantic ambiance.

This is when people generally become complacent and begin to take their partners for granted. They may no longer take care of their own personal appearance, or rarely put in additional effort beyond what is expected.

There is little consideration for the other person’s desires and genuine appreciation of each other appears to have fallen away. This can make either or both partners feel redundant in the relationship.

When complacency is the norm, all attractions can be lost, which is why some couples get divorced after being married for several decades.

How to Keep the Peace at Stage 5

The key to a peaceful long-term relationship is bringing the romance back.

Start to impress each other with your efforts to bring life back into your relationship. Give each other gifts and write or text a meaningful message during the day. Tell your partner how wonderful they are. Kiss each other every morning and every night passionately, just like Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak’s love story from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Look into your partner’s eyes with curiosity and uncontrollable attraction, just like when your eyes met theirs for the first time. Practice this regularly and you can reignite your early attraction and desire for each other.

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The Bottom Line

Going through these five stages of a relationship isn’t easy. But so long as you implement these and other strategies and work together to keep the peace, your effort will pay lasting dividends in your love life.

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Written by Jacqui Olliver
Originally Appeared on Lifehack
The 5 Stages Of Your Relationship and How To Keep The Romance Alive in each
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