4 Myths And Facts About The Cancer Zodiac Sign (as written by one)

 November 01, 2018

4 Myths And Facts About The Cancer Zodiac Sign (as written by one)


4) Cancerians are intuitive and psychic

Cancer is first water sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Moon and therefore is greatly affected by the human emotions. The cancer woman is more in touch with her emotions and intuition than you can imagine.
If she says she doesn’t feel right about someone or something, it pays to take notice. She might not be able to reason it out with you with logic but her intuition and psychic ability is pretty bang on.
She follows her instincts to know which path to follow or whom to trust, it is not about being judgmental but she is deeply in touch with her instincts and feelings.


5) Cancerians are sensitive and nurturing

The Cancerian woman is sensitive – very sensitive but not only to her needs. A Cancerian woman is the most nurturing, caring and loving of all zodiac signs because of her intuition, sensitivity and deep running emotions.
She can pick up on your unsaid needs and thoughts and will carefully find a way to fulfill them. She will intuitively know when to provide you a sympathetic ear, when to be the shoulder you can lean on, when to put on her goofy face and when to slow dance in the rain.


Nothing describes Cancer woman as “home is where the heart is”. Family and friends are her high priority and she nurtures them and joyfully accepts the role of a caregiver in relationships.

If you have a Cancer woman in your life, thank your stars for all the unending love and nurturing that you get and don’t forget to care for her and pamper her because she sometimes forgets to take care of herself by caring for and pampering others all the time.

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4 Myths And Facts About The Cancer Zodiac Sign (as written by one)