3 Ways To Live A Better Life

3 Ways To Live A Better Life

I know I’m a hot mess when I’m not pursuing something I’m passionate about. I tend to piddle and waste a lot of time…which annoys the heck out of my wife (as it should). But when I’m able to put my hands to something that I’m passionate about, however big or small it is, I act out of who I really am. I’m a much more enjoyable person when I enjoy the things I do in life.

There’s so much more to life than working a 9-to-5, putting food on the table and living for the weekend. Take advantage of every moment you can. Because moments are what makes up our lives. We live out our days, but we remember moments. Pursue memorable moments today, friend.

Written by Derek Harvey Originally appeared on DerekHarvey.me

3 Ways To Live A Better Life
Ways To Live A Better Life

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