12 Things to Know before Dating a Virgo

 April 29, 2016


12 Things to know before dating a Virgo

9 comments on “12 Things to Know before Dating a Virgo

  1. Im sorry but the virgo im dating is nothing like the description. In fact he is the opposite of everything mentioned. With the judgemental right on. Judgemental about everything and everyone but himself. He is self centered and egotistical. Probably narcissistic! Match made in heaven my patootie!

    • I am totally agree with u! Virgo men are very egois , they are mental narcissistic ! They can not accept critic , because they think what about them are right and the best! They only want people to understand them but they will not do same to other.

  2. 1. Not yet. 2. Of course. 3. NOOOO – always know instantly. 4. LOL hahahahaha. 5. :-). 6. Everyone should. 7. I CAN end you… knowing is enough. 8. sigh. 9. Of course. 10. YUP.. one should know that already! 11. Yes. 12. ABSOLUTELY – but in now way ‘perfect’… there is no such thing…

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