12 Habits of Couples Who Stay In Love

12 Habits of Couples Who Stay In Love

Have you ever wondered why some couples make their relationship appear so seamless? Do you walk away slightly envious wanting what they have?

With all the relationship problems these days, when we see a couple getting along well, it does make us stop in our tracks. We question ourselves and our relationship. Why does it seem so easy for them? What do they have that we don’t? And how can I have a healthier relationship?

Working with distressed couples I completely understand those questions because for most of us, it used to be seamless and happy. Everything just seemed to flow. But there are several key factors that rise to the top that healthy couples have in their relationship.

And although healthy couples are not always perfect in their attempt, they exhibit a mindset of commitment as they continue to evolve, grow, and change.


1. Sexual intimacy.

Sex is a healthy part of their relationship and relationships in general. You need healthy sexual intimacy to sustain a relationship. They don’t get caught up in ‘regular sex’ because what is that, anyway? They find a way to talk about their desires and needs and recognize that when life gets busy and feels overwhelming, sex might take a hit. That’s all too common. However, how these couples talk about it remains key. If they have to schedule it, they schedule it. Importance of what regular sex varies among couples and is what is good for the couple. What works for them. Not anyone else. Not any other couple. Just them.


2. They remain curious.

Couples are and remain curious about one another, their life, themselves. They ask questions. They are open to trying new things. They remember the beginning when they were excited to do new things together and were curious and interested about the other person and interests.Not much has changed. Because we are hard-wired for novelty, its incumbent that people remain curious about life, yourself, and your partner – key components in developing and sustaining a healthy relationship for the long haul.


3. Communication rocks.

Couples discuss, share, argue, and disagree. They talk about things that are important to them. Even the difficult subjects. They have – by and large – effective and healthy communication skills and strategies that are vital to having conversations that don’t always become circular in nature or escalate in arguments (even though sometimes they do). They are more inclined to have a resolution and solution mindset. They both have learned how to use their voice in healthy and kind ways and are able to manage their tone and inflection. You both feel safe communicating your personal needs and wants. Finding the time to discuss issues both as a couple and individually, is valued. You are able to listen with undivided attention, which promotes real understanding.


4. They unplug.

Healthy couples do the work to stay connected in our over connected world but also know the importance of unplugging and checking out. This means setting healthy boundaries and when necessary disconnecting from social media, friends, and families. They recognize that it isn’t always necessary to be connected to the outside world. One to one time is important. It is key. It is vital. Talking without interruption. Simply watching a movie or tv program without checking Facebook, Instagram, or email sends the message that, ‘you are more important than any post or email and right now, “we” are important. The human connection.


5. They create space.

Time together and time apart are both vital and necessary to the long-term survival of the relationship. Space is where couples grow. Too much time together can make a person feel they are losing their identity and individuality, their sense of self. Time apart makes you cherish the time together and creates a “missing you” feeling that enhances intimacy. It’s important to be the person your partner fell in love with. They learn to recognize their differences and embrace your similarities.

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