11 Strange Syndromes You’ve Never Heard of (But Really MUST Know About!)

 July 03, 2018


Mainly an affliction of Japanese tourists with a romantic fascination for the city of light, Paris Syndrome sharpens the cold blade of vacation let-down. And there’s a reason it’s mainly Japanese tourists that the syndrome affects. For one thing, the Japanese have a love of all things French.

Second, Japanese culture focuses a great deal on politeness as well as putting the good of society above the needs of oneself. Thus, Paris Syndrome (or Pari shōkōgun) looks a lot like a rabid case of intense culture shock—because Paris isn’t earning any awards for its polite tolerance of tourists, or for its poopy problem.

Is it really an affliction to be disappointed in your vacation? Can culture shock like this truly qualify as a psychiatric disorder? There must be a line between mere disappointment or cultural difference and actual disorder.

Mais oui. We measure these things through mental health professionals. When enough people call upon the aid of a professional, a mere bother can mutate into a seriously strange syndrome. Plus, the fact that the Japanese embassy in Paris maintains a 24-hour emergency hotline for sufferers of Paris Syndrome says it all. Mon dieu!


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11 Strange Syndromes You've Never Heard of (But Really MUST Know About!)

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