11 Strange Syndromes You’ve Never Heard of (But Really MUST Know About!)

Strange Syndromes

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), about 1/5 of the United States personally experiences a disorder in a year.

Almost 7 percent of Americans had at least one instance of major depression in the past year, and more than 18 percent experienced an anxiety disorder.

We’ve all heard of these particular mental health challenges and they’re relatively well-understood.

But let’s look at some conditions that are so unique and rare that most mental health professionals never even encounter them.

11 Strange Syndromes You've Never Heard of (But Really MUST Know About!)

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3 Big Body Betrayals

If you’ve ever had food poisoning or run a marathon, you know sometimes your body can feel like the enemy. But the syndromes listed below are even more detrimental because they take the mind and body hostage with insidious abandon.

As a result, people with these disorders lose sight of their body’s real place in the world.

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