10 Signs That Show Loneliness Has Taken Over Your Life

loneliness taken over life

Every human being has the need to socialize. Loneliness is an unwanted and unpleasant experience that stems from a significantly diminished social interaction with his/her fellow mates, in both quality and quantity.

Even though social isolation is an objective concept, but the signs of loneliness from social isolation is subjective to every individual.

Some people intentionally avoid social contact and they like it that way. These people crave the absence of social interactions because they prefer to be by themselves. People such as these do not consider a complete or partial lack of social connection as an undesirable experience in the first place. 

Loneliness occurs when there is a disparity in the actual social relations of the person with his/her desire for social contact. Some loneliness result from a shift in the social needs of a person rather than the actual level of social connection. A person will not necessarily have to be alone to feel lonely. A person can even feel lonely in a crowd. 

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Loneliness, in a painful warning signal that a person’s social relations are deficient in some important way. Loneliness also has innumerable detrimental effects on both the psychology and the physiology of a person. Empirical findings regarding loneliness also point at the harmful effects of persistent loneliness on mental health. Persistent loneliness builds the foundation for depression, increases the risk of suicide, and in several ways jeopardizes the psychological well-being of a person. 

Loneliness is indeed a serious public health issue, especially for millennials. In a life so busy, people hardly find time to communicate beyond necessity. Quite naturally, you might have felt lonely, at some point or the other in life. But those are temporary feelings. But when this loneliness occurs as a result of constant social isolation, it is bound to have a negative impact on your mental health. 

As loneliness is subjective, you could be rightfully wondering why you need to introspect to find out if you are lonely. In all our busyness, it might be difficult for us to ever find out if we are lonely or not. Feelings of loneliness aren’t always loud enough for us to notice it. Often it comes disguised in very innocent signs which you might miss out on. 

Here are 10 signs of loneliness which shows that you are lonelier than you think

10 Signs That Show Loneliness Has Taken Over Your Life

1. You Are Hooked To Social Media.

Today, there is none who isn’t on social media. It has become a crucial part and parcel of our lives. But it is quite unnatural if every time you find a leisure moment, you are fidgeting with your phone. A research study shows that there is a connection between loneliness and social media addiction. Social media is often used by lonely people to virtually gain social approval and recognition.

The study found out that: those who spend more than two hours a day on social media were twice as likely to feel lonely than those who spent 30 minutes or less on social media platforms.

2. You Are Getting Dependent On Substances.

In a study, Heinrich and Gullone indicated that feeling of loneliness is directly related to a person’s detrimental physical and psychological health and is often associated with depression and substance abuse (1).

This study further concludes that alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse is used as a measure to discard the feeling of loneliness and acquiring a feeling of security. Similarly, drug abuse could be a way to satisfy emotional and psychological needs (2). 

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