When Someone You Love Becomes Toxic

Relationships turn toxic when each of you aren’t growing the way you need to.


But so many of us cling to what was instead of looking at what is right now.

Someone who once adored you treats you badly and you allow it.

Someone who once was fiercely independent can easily become clingy then you’re trying too hard and they are overwhelmed.

Someone who used to appreciate all you had to give suddenly starts expecting these things. And you wonder what changed yet you keep trying when they don’t deserve your effort.

Someone who you were close with but you kept at arm’s length suddenly you’re talking every day and they become this habit. Then they start to ignore you.

Someone whose attention you never cared, for now, you’re jumping through hoops compromising your self-respect to get back to the relationship you once had.

Judge people for who they are not the versions of who you want or expect them to be.

When it comes to any relationships you can’t go back. You can only move forward and if this relationship isn’t evolving as you are, it’ll stunt your growth.

And you shouldn’t hone on when the relationship was healthy and how do you get that back. The best people are the ones who know when something is over. The ones who let certain people go because they have to. The ones who know when the relationship was something good and sometimes good things don’t always last.


Relationships turn toxic when each of you aren’t growing the way you need to.

And just because someone you love and care about isn’t meant for you, in the long run, it doesn’t mean there is anything you’ve done wrong or a flaw within you.

The best thing you can do is take the best parts of someone and use it to better yourself.

You want to honor someone you loved and cared about let them go when their time in your story is up and use the good parts of who they are to become the best version of yourself.

I can’t sit here and say you won’t find your way back to each other over time but when you cling to someone just because you are afraid to let them go you don’t just lose them you end up losing yourself trying to keep someone not meant for you.

Written By Kirsten Corley
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When Someone You Love Becomes Toxic