Your Most Toxic Relationship Habit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your Most Toxic Relationship Habit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your most toxic relationship habit – The most toxic trait you hold in a relationship based on your zodiac sign.

These toxic habits are reflections of our personality and are hard to give up. However, identifying and acknowledging your toxic habit can be a good ice breaker.


1. Aries 

You can be extremely stubborn.

An Aries can be a hell lot stubborn when it comes to revealing how they really feel. Somehow they think it is better of they will keep their mouths shut about the problems they are facing in the relationship. Well, unlike what they desperately hope for- nothing in life solves itself on its own. If there are problems those problems need to be talked about with the partner. It is wrong to expect that your partner will miraculously understand when something is wrong and correct it on their own.

Your Most Toxic Relationship Habit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

2. Taurus 

You are very competitive.

A Taurus can’t let go of their competitive streak, even in the relationship. There is always a blinking scoreboard which is projected on the back of their mind. Every kind gesture, every slight made to their happiness, everything gets added on that scoreboard. You don’t need to keep a ledger with your partner. There is no competition as to who is the better person. Both of you are in this together, don’t forget that.


3. Gemini 

You never keep your promises.

Geminis are just a little bit too hit and miss for anyone to take them seriously. They make commitments in all sincerity but nearly always fail to stick to them. What is worse is that they somehow come up with such excuses that the only person they convince is themselves. For someone who is in a relationship with a Gemini, it can get a bit tiring to be let down again and again. There will come a point where they won’t be able to trust the other person at all.


4. Cancer 

You need to give your partner some space.

Cancer takes their relationship a bit too seriously. They become a lot clingy a lot too soon. There is no denying the fact that they are very loving and caring, but sometimes their clinginess becomes too restricting. You and your partner are both individuals. You are not supposed to be inseparable. Give them some space to breathe or you might lose them for good. Your relationship might be the stuff of legends but that doesn’t have to be the only thing in your life.


5. Leo 

You are too self-obsessed.

For Leo, the best thing about this world is that they exist. They have this supremacy thing going on which is a great quality for a leader, but not so much for a partner. Being a Leo you might be used to be the one who bosses everyone around. But that is not a healthy attitude for a relationship where both the partners must be equals. Don’t assume you know what is best for them and try to control their lives. Consider them as an equal and treat them so.


6. Virgo 

You are extremely jealous.

Virgos have a hard time reigning in their jealousy. They make a mountain out of a molehill and that just sours the relationship. Being a Virgo, you need to understand that you cannot question your partner’s every move just because you are insecure. Rather you should work with them and try to overcome your insecurities which will allow you to have a healthier relationship.


7. Libra 

You need to stop looking for problems everywhere. 

Libras are very good at taking care of problems. But this makes them prone to look for problems even where there aren’t any. More problematic than that, they take it upon themselves to ‘fix’ their partners too. Just because someone isn’t as organized or tidy as you doesn’t mean that they need a lesson in planning and management. You need to let people be their own individual. Imposing your own expectations on them will not help anyone. And on that note, you are not perfect yourself. Try introspecting and working on yourself rather than worrying about your partner.

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