When I am Gone

When I am Gone
End of a dreary day,
Tread weary with grief
As you mount the portico stairs
Would you, my darling, sense
My aching soul brimming with warmth
Rushing to greet you as I always did
At that familiar click of the lock
Longing to plant a tender kiss on your high forehead
On which pain has now carved wrinkles o’ so grim
Would you with quivering fingers fondle
That strand of hair lodged
In my purple sweater still hanging by the door
Would you then in woe toss yourself
On that well-worn couch on whose cosy bosom
We weaved dreams of love on many a Sunday noon
Stroking in vain the velvety fabric,
In hopes to feel my warmth one more time
Wine poured out of habit, in two glasses;
Swallowing hard the sorrow
That lumped up in your throat,
Would you with glistening eyes seek
Fringes of my gown in the scarlet swirl
Would you let the howling wind
Play with the window drapes and whisper
In your ears – Hey wayward Death,
What thou shall part, thou shall unite!
Would you in your dreams
Hug me tight my love
To keep memories warm, until we meet
Across the bridge of forevermore!
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