Rekha Padinjattakathu

Rekha Padinjattakathu is a voracious reader and an avid traveler. Passionate about nature and wildlife, she loves spending time out in the wilderness. She has a keen interest in photography and absolutely, completely and totally loves writing. She blogs in English and Malayalam, her mother tongue, at:

When I am Gone

End of a dreary day, Tread weary with grief As you mount the portico stairsWould you, my darling, sense My aching soul brimming with warmth Rushing to greet you as I always didAt...


As we share a cup of steaming teaO' so warm, on a rainy dayTrain of droplets slithering downTo lock their lips on a glassy pane Rising up the browny brew,A...

Cocooned Verses

An introvert is born With just the apt array of verses Etched in her soul