What Is Emotional Burnout And Ways To Replenish Your Energy


emoyional burnout

Do you feel numb in emotionally reactive circumstances? Are you indifferent to the joys, sorrows and everything making your life a tumultuous affair? If yes, it’s very likely that ‘emotional burnout’ is taking a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Sounds unfamiliar? Of course there are so many psychological terms, it’s difficult to relate one with another. Instances and incidents contribute to the mental health of a person more than anything. When that person becomes indifferent to joy/pain or any other emotional state, he/she is very likely suffering from mental exhaustion of this quotient.

Emotional burnout: An alarming issue of our fast-paced lifestyle

If you are a working mom who is finding it difficult to meet all ends, emotional burnout is a common phenomenon and most of us have witnessed it more often than not. Our workplace/social sphere demands us to be the ‘flawless self’ which is unachievable of all sorts. Yes, perfection is necessary to achieve our set goals but isn’t ultimate. It’s very evident in the working mothers who are often stigmatized for their non-adherence to family responsibilities as prescribed by the society. With the daily roles/responsibilities overshadowing their daily life, they unknowingly switch to a survival mode which isn’t healthy and can be emotionally draining.

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Emotional burnout- How does it feel?

Though often misinterpreted as depression, there are substantial differences between the two. Yes, the symptoms are similar to depression but here you oscillate between indifference and an urge to action. Mood swings are also very frequent. Your ‘unintentional’ action will trigger an additional round of guilt be it your personal or professional life. When we realize the mistake, it’s too late. The exact feeling of emotional exhaustion is difficult to state but these pointers can be of some help:

  • Staying indifferent in all situations be it positive or negative
  • ‘Guilt feeling’ resulting from his/her unnatural actions after a brief period
  • Mood swings
  • Consistently growing anxiety levels.

To avoid this, you may think of doing many new things for your child just to earn the ‘supermom’ tagline but ultimately to no effect. You tend to initiate but the zeal fades over time. Can you relate yourself to this situation? If yes, then perhaps the reasons aren’t beyond your reach if you introspect and spend some ‘alone time’ brainstorming the occurrence of this boredom. At the back of your mind, you will feel that the cost of pursuing new things will come in the form of extra dishes and filthy storerooms the very next day.

7 Coping Mechanisms of Emotional Exhaustion

Emotional burnout is very common and it occurs mostly due to our small daily talks and activities that we can’t evade. However, the below-mentioned strategies will come as rescue only if you follow:

a) A big ‘NO’ to negative self-talk: 

Negative self-talk not only curbs our self-esteem but also has a long-term impact on our mental well-being. So, firstly and lastly, you need to stop believing what you believe. If you have negative thoughts about your very own self, don’t give it a go and change your perspective. Also, avoid your so-called friends/relatives/neighbors who like to make stories of your self-deprecating crap.

b) Meditate every day: 

The importance of meditation is often underrated even in the 21st century. However, several severe illnesses can be cured with meditation one and only rather than any medicines. Pick a fixed time and do it every day. It will work wonders on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Whatever thoughts arise during meditation, let them pass without judgment.

c)  Read any book: 

For some, books are the best friend while for some others it can be any individual/activity. But, if you want to keep your brain going while freeing yourself from the daily monotonous schedule, no other thing is as helpful as a ‘book’.

d) Take a break from social media: 

Social media is tempting no doubt but its addiction can be dangerous. Taking a break from social media can come as a blessing for emotionally drained ones as there are absolutely no chances of coming across self-satisfying displays of their friends/relatives/well-wishers which eventually creates an illusion strengthening the proverb ‘Life looks greener on the other side’. 

e) Don’t let toxic people intervene in your life: 

A toxic person isn’t always an outsider rather in most instances he/she is from our family and social groups. If you are in an abusive relationship, you may sense that diminishing self-esteem is on the cards but you can’t get over that toxic relationship just for the sake of love for your partner. Letting it go as usual is bound to trigger your guilt, shame, and anger. However, under certain circumstances we are forced to deal with our toxic friend/relative/neighbor due to less options. Yes, life would have been simpler for you without such people but unfortunately. Setting boundaries is the sole option to handle these abusive backbiters and it’s easy if you are calculative in approach.

f) Do justice to your needs, feelings and responsibilities: 

Being a working mom, you may think of yourself as a ‘superwoman’ and also strive to achieve this badge. This approach is somewhat unrealistic as one can’t be efficient in every activity with emotional burnout being the by-product in most cases. Ask for help if you really need it without giving a second thought.

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g) Remove the clutter: 

You may think that what clutter has to do with emotional exhaustion. Surprisingly, there is a linkage between the two while making it difficult for us to live, breathe, channelize our thought processes, and function accordingly. Increased physical debris confines your emotional stability besides making your mindset enslaved to the surrounding aspects. 

Final Thoughts

Identifying the exact cause of burnout is the main ingredient to power up your self. The above strategies will definitely rescue you from the dark alleys of depression and trenches of despair only if you are kind to your body and mind.

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