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What Can Trigger Your Trauma

What Can Trigger Your Trauma

What can trigger your trauma?

SOUNDS Hearing certain sounds or music associated with your trauma or feelings can take you back.

PEOPLE Seeing someone who is related to the trauma or who has a certain trait physically can trigger you.

THOUGHTS Certain thoughts or memories can make your brain bring you back to trauma, often unwillingly.

SMELLS Our human smell is strongly tied to our memories. As a result, certain scents can trigger trauma.

PLACES The place where the trauma took place can be a strong trigger, as well as similar places.

MEDIA A news report, a particular movie, or a tv series can show a scene that is similar to your trauma.

FEELINGS Sometimes a feeling or emotion can trigger your trauma like a sad feeling of being in pain.

SITUATIONS If you find yourself in a situation that is similar to or reminds you of your trauma it can be a trigger.