People Are So Easy To Read We Bleed Emotions

drinking own coffee

People are so easy to read we bleed emotions even in the way we drink our coffee.

No one seems to notice though.

They’re all too busy drinking their own damn coffee!

– Freia Emilie Spangenfeldt

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28 thoughts on “People Are So Easy To Read We Bleed Emotions”

  1. Maybe for the majority but not for me. I could be drinking my coffee, listening to music with headphones on and still watch a room full of people in my peripheral like I was looking directly at them. I can easily pick up the gist of what they're feeling just by watching their facial expressions and body movements. A persons vocal inflections, lack of them or the sound of their laughter can tell me everything I need to know even if I'm too far away to hear exactly what they're saying. Just hearing a word here or there in another person's conversation along with all of the things I mentioned above, is enough to fill in the blanks, draw parallels and reconstruct the whole discussion, as well as the deeper meaning behind it. I just keep that information tucked away and to myself unless I need it.

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