People Are So Easy To Read We Bleed Emotions

People are so easy to read

People are so easy to read

-We bleed emotions even in the way we drink our coffee.

No one seems to notice though. They’re all too busy drinking their own damn coffee!

– Freia Emilie Spangenfeldt

28 thoughts on “People Are So Easy To Read We Bleed Emotions”

  1. Maybe for the majority but not for me. I could be drinking my coffee, listening to music with headphones on and still watch a room full of people in my peripheral like I was looking directly at them. I can easily pick up the gist of what they're feeling just by watching their facial expressions and body movements. A persons vocal inflections, lack of them or the sound of their laughter can tell me everything I need to know even if I'm too far away to hear exactly what they're saying. Just hearing a word here or there in another person's conversation along with all of the things I mentioned above, is enough to fill in the blanks, draw parallels and reconstruct the whole discussion, as well as the deeper meaning behind it. I just keep that information tucked away and to myself unless I need it.

  2. Hmmm, that hit home. My daughter just told me not too long ago, that when she was a teen living at home, that she could tell what kind of mood I was in just by me drinking my cup of coffee. Very Interesting.

  3. I'm very aware of this, I've always been a 'people watcher' and very much into philosophy and anthropology. I'm a very empathetic soul, its a disadvantage sometimes. I spend so much time trying to tune into others thoughts and emotions i neglect my own at times. Its like sitting across the room observing another, being able to sense what they feel and feeling like I relate without exchanging a word. In that moment I feel spiritually connected, but this person is unaware and doesn't even share eye contact, its almost torture sometimes. I just find myself wishing that I wasn't the only one setting down their coffee and paying mind to the others around me. But I suppose the flaw is in which that finds the flaw. Its very rare that I come into contact with another individual like this.. But I have such longing for it. Thanks for sharing this it really resonated with me.

    1. Yeah I can definitely relate. I feel surrounded by superficiality and egos. It could be a personality flaw or social awkwardness on my part, its often labeled as such i suppose. I'm naturally an existential introverted personality and I embrace that. I think people with depth in their soul are of the most beautiful creations to behold. But the way society and our cultures core values are progressing can be disheartening at times. I suppose I'm just not subjected to the ideal environments for my spirituality to really prosper and my craving for intellectual stimulus never seems to be satiated. I know those opportunities and environments are out there, but after all we are only as good as our available resources and our ability to efficiently utilize them.

    2. Superficiality and ego destroy all that is worth living for. Integrety, compassion, caring , empathy and heart to heart discussions seem like a waste of time in this power hungry society these days. I often feel I don't fit in cause I can't ' fake it '. And yet I've been told I'm very intelligent in many subjects. I don't believe there is anything wrong with us at all. Society are too absorbed in themselves to give zero thought to anything else. Am happy with my own company. My neighbours see me as a recluse of sorts, but I don't need to tell them my interests go further than talking about mundane things , like recipes and gossiping about stuff they only speculate about. You should be proud of yourself Richard. We are not sheep but individuals.

  4. I think i see to close how the people i love take their coffee… so i notice every mistake they have, giving me more bad thoughts than good ones… Hope you got it.

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