How To Raise Your Son To Be A Gentleman: 10 Practical Ways

how to raise your son to be a gentleman

5. Lay The Foundation.

Children are the greatest copycats, but they are great observers too. Believe it or not, when you think you are fighting with your husband and your kids are too young to notice, they are watching and it takes a huge toll on their emotions. When you think it doesn’t matter you are not giving your leftover foods to the homeless poor man, they are actually observing you and learning.

Their subconscious mind is receiving a negative signal of what is normal. In order to change them, you need to change yourself. Lead by example, by showing empathy to the weak ones, respecting elders, and helping others lay a foundation of their beliefs.

6. Teach Your Son To Respect His Family.

Try to explain respect to children, and always praise and appreciate them when they are polite and respectful of others. Do little practices like eating with all the family members at dinner, leaving tv or phones when the family is having a conversation, etc. That is how you can teach them to put their family first.

If your child is rude or disrespectful, don’t turn a blind eye, remind them of the family rules and tell them that that is how a member of the family should talk. Respecting family members is not only a moral requirement but also a necessary habit to integrate them into society.

7. Teach Your Son To Be Generous.

Yes I know, showing your son the art of giving can be really tiresome as they would ask you why in the name of God they would have to give their piggy bank savings to a campaign. Trust me, you want them to ask questions so that you can give them the answers logically or better, show them.

Show them how their small contribution can help others, how donating their old clothes and toys can bring smiles to other people’s faces, how helping an old lady cross the street can earn them their blessings. These small acts of kindness can help a person go through the day and this is what they need to learn, that it’s easier to be kind and empathetic. A lesson like this will always be remembered by him, no matter where he goes in life.

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8. Strengthen His Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is defined as a person’s ability to express and manage feelings appropriately. If you want to raise your son as a gentleman, then you need to inculcate moral values in him and make sure you are not entertaining any aggressive tantrums. Make him understand the right way to keep a humble spirit towards everything.

Teach your kids to recognize their problems and brainstorm ideas to address that problem. Emotional intelligence if developed earlier in age, creates a great platform for improved mental health and success in adulthood. Emotional self-awareness is necessary for a kid to strengthen their emotional intelligence so that he can make the right choices for himself and society.

9. Address Disrespecful Behavior Early.

As I said before, don’t turn a blind eye to disrespectful attitudes. It’s normal for your kid to show rebellion and disrespect at some point, but dismissing that behavior or showing indifference just because it’s a one-time thing, is actually worse than yelling at your kid.

Parents need to make them understand where they have gone wrong, and that it’s not expected out of them. Give them a fair warning and tell them how can they correct their mistake. Kids disrespect when they are expected to do something that is not pleasant to them, so in cases like these, have a follow-up discussion, and try to help them with problem-solving. But if you ignore that attitude, it will most definitely grow.

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