How To Raise Your Son To Be A Gentleman: 10 Practical Ways

how to raise your son to be a gentleman

Being a gentleman is not an overnight process. It’s a result of authentic life experiences and practices. Being raised by a gentle and caring father, I always thought of myself as lucky. It gives a sense of standard to me that I should be treated with respect by my husband and how my future son (if any) would treat his family.

It’s all about setting a good example of how one should treat others. Being a gentleman is not always having good manners, it’s about how he thinks of others and considers other people’s needs. And this I tell you, begins at home.

If your son is growing up with his siblings, he might have known the basics of how to take care of others, but that does not mean your single child will not be able to do his part. Don’t ever tell your son not to cry and become strong even if their emotions are in turmoil. You are turning him into a rock, and always remember that they need to feel their emotions, and express their feelings to be their most authentic self.

Yes, they are boys, and boys can be emotional too and this is completely natural. Being a mother, you can show them the feminine perspectives and that is how they learn to respect the other gender. But never, ever discriminate against him with your daughter, which gives them the wrong idea that ladies should only be protected and taken care of and men are not worthy of the same

Evolving into a gentleman is not easy but it’s not impossible either. Just some daily mindful activities and practices will help him get there. Here are our helpful tips in raising our boys to be a gentleman.

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How To Raise Your Son To Be A Gentleman: 10 Practical Ways

1. Teach Your Son To Hold The Door.

Maybe the first practice to teaching your child to be a gentleman. Now, this is not rocket science, but this gesture is generally becoming extinct. Asking him to hold the door for others teaches him to be respectful and considerate. Simple acts like leaving the seat for elderly people, letting someone walk first, etc. will show helpfulness and respect to others.

2. Teach Your Son To Show Sportsmanship.

As a parent, we all want our kids to win, in this pursuit, we forgot to teach them the most important thing in life, that losing is also okay as long as you are trying hard. One of the things I am used to seeing is kids disliking their competition and showing poor behavior. This behavior if is not stopped, then we know it will not end on a merry note. Tell your son to show empathy to those who lose and congratulate them who wins. That is how they develop strong sportsmanship in every phase of life.

3. Teach Your Son To Be Confident.

The first and foremost criteria for a gentleman is to be confident. Help them learn confidence in social gatherings, tell them to interact on their own, and challenge them to make new friends. Encourage them to be themselves, there is no need to pretend and hide their emotions.

4. Teach Your Son To Take Responsibility For Their Actions.

Children need to learn that it’s important to take responsibility for their actions and to own up to their mistakes. When they fail to do something or do something that they shouldn’t be doing, their natural instinct is to blame it on external circumstances or people. The trick is to keep your cool but shows dissatisfaction tactfully.

Help your young man understand the effects of their actions and encourage them to tell the truth whatever the circumstances are. Teach them to say sorry when they are wrong and that there is nothing to be ashamed about it. Ask what they could learn from the mistakes and after-effects, and praise them when they choose to be honest. That is how they will learn to take lessons from their mistakes and not indulge in blame-shifting.

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