5 Ways To Truly Love Someone

5 Ways To Truly Love Someone

You don’t love her by saying, “I love you.”

There is a fine line between loving someone and being in love with someone. You may claim to love her or you may actually love her but do you know what it means to truly love her?

5 Ways To Truly Love Someone

1. Love is a verb

‘I love you’ is not enough. You don’t love her by just saying these words. You love her by being there, you love her by holding her tight when her guards are down, you love her in her touch, you love her in little things you do together.

Your love is in your actions. There are times the world will go against her or your relationship for that matter. You love her by being there on her side. You love her by accepting her flaws, you love her by loving her for who she is. The expensive gifts you give are not but the time you spend and moments you are there for each is other is the real gift of love.

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2. No options

She is the one and only one. She is the one you let in while you’re guards were down and you. She is that dream girl who is there to complete you. You can never look for or count on any options because you know there isn’t any replacement for her.

Your ego, fears, anger everything can never make you risk losing her for not only is the one but only one.

3. Accepting imperfections

There will be fights, those late-night fights which will leave you with blood-shot eyes. But love is staring at them with those eyes for you know this is the problem you want to have for the rest of your life.

Love is whispering the words of reassurance in her ears when she is low. Love is holding her tight when her world seems to fall apart. Love is looking at her with those puppy eyes when she talks about her family.

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4. Making efforts rather than quitting

Love is not a chain that holds us, it is not the end of our freedom but it is the beginning of it. You don’t assume her to be a hurdle on your journey to success but an inspiration to achieve your dreams.

Love is all about making your time together count for something, hoping on the train of adventures making memories together. Love is about understanding each other, helping bring out the best in each other. Giving love means giving a part of your life and nothing fulfills it more than time and understanding.

When you truly love her you put her first, you inspire her to bring out the best in her. And love is all about making them a part of you. You don’t control her or set your limitations but there is a freedom to be what one really wants to be. Love is putting aside the differences.

5. Your actions show your commitment

When you truly love her, your actions and behavior show it. You respect her for what she is. When you value her from the core of your heart you know there is no replacement for her beauty, her smile, and her simplicity. You treat her how you would like your partner to be treated. You will introduce them to your family or friends with pride.

Truly loving her means giving her the true place she deserves. She is not a second option or you don’t wander your eyes looking for one either.

You know what you have is a one in a million and you cannot afford to lose it.

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5 Ways To Truly Love Someone
5 Ways To Truly Love Someone

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