6 Undeniable Things You Will Regret When You Grow Older

things you will regret when you grow older

4. Not being positive enough

Now, this is such a regret maybe only old folks will feel. We all have our fair share of mistakes in life. While it’s not always possible to learn from our mistakes, we also keep on dwelling over them which in turn energizes our fear to go ahead. Focusing on the negative aspects of life can make a deep impact, not in a positive way.

Sometimes when we indulge in achieving the bigger goals, we forgot to appreciate the little moments. Live that moment because once it’s gone, you can never get it back. Attitude is the criterion for success. Your attitude is how you handle your problem.

There is an attitude for greatness, success, and prosperity. It is a positive attitude. When you are older you cannot help but think that you should have adopted this attitude, that would have made it easier to avoid certain worries and negative thinking.

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5. Not being there with your family

We are all busy. Be it work, parties, soccer practice, or home renovation. In this process, we overlook the most important asset we have got, our family. Yes, it’s tough balancing office presentations and birthday parties, but these people whom we are taking for granted today will be there for you when you need them tomorrow. When there will be less work and more time for you, you will regret not putting more time and energy into your family.

You will fantasize about the missed moments and wonder how life would shape up if you have focused more on your family. Now we know “being there for your family” and “taking care of your family” are different things. But sometimes differentiating the priority works. One call or message, be present at thanksgiving dinner or dumping one office meeting to attend PTA meeting. These are some things we can do to “make up” for our family.

6. Not taking care of yourself

Your body is the only place you will truly ever live. Maybe this one is taking you back in your 30’s and you remember how you always forget to eat the lunch your wife made and order something out later. Getting into a routine and prioritizing our health and diet seemed like calamity fall upo

n us. Now when you are sitting, struggling with your leg cramps, you think what if you have taken good care of your body. We ruin our health when we give in to the temptation of bad habits. Maybe not now, but we are surely gonna face the consequences later.

No life is perfect and mistakes are inevitable. There can be a ton of advice for not making the mistakes. One thing is for sure that you cannot shut them off, no one can. Mistakes if rectified earlier does not remain mistakes but learning. But sometimes we learn about those mistakes much later in life when there nothing could be done. Here we have accumulated 6 things you will regret when you are older. If you are a youngster reading this article, try to make much use of it. If you are older, we just want to tell you one thing, you have lived a great life.

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things you will regret when you grow older

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  1. Avatar of Dance

    I am older and regret nothing, appreciate and grateful for it all, and did and did not do many of the things mentioned above. All life is for learning and growing, each one of us is unique. Some times it hurts, sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we fall, we think we love and we hate, it is life that teaches us who we are NOT first and than with this knowledge we gain wisdom from the experiences to know who we truly are.

  2. Avatar of Roger Coziol

    Hum! I have done all that! I never had kids, but was always available to appreciate kids of my sisters and friends. Now one thing that I regret not having done, since a long time ago, is learning to dance. That is in my to do list now. 😉

  3. Avatar of Michelle Green

    Some good ones, some are cringe-worthy.

    Sunscreen does a great job preventing skin cancer. But sorry for most wrinkles are a fact of life! When you lose subcutaneous fact it causes the skin to sag

  4. Avatar of Margaret Hanley


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