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8 Things Men Do Only For The Woman They Love

Men Do For Woman They Love

When it comes to relationships, and romance, there are certain things that men do when they are head over heels in love.

Love is not a noun; it is a verb they say. The way we show/shower love on our partner differs from person to person and both genders have their own way of showing love.

Men are simple creatures and they like to keep things simple. Men are not very good at depicting the love they have got for you, especially in public but when they do, there is nothing better than that because it is raw and it takes extreme vulnerability for the man to do this.

Men are kind and respectful to all the women they meet but there are few things he only does for the ‘special someone’.

Here Are 8 Things Men Do Only For The Woman They Love

1. He cares about your friends and family.

A guy who truly loves you knows the value of your family and friends in your life. He understands the importance of people you love.

He will make himself comfortable around your family and will try to keep your family happy because their happiness is associated with yours.

He will pay heed to the detailed stories you tell about your friends and family. He will take care of them and treat them as his own friends and family.

2. He feels proud of your achievements.

A man strives for the betterment of both. He regards your victory as his own. He will feel like everything you do as his achievement.

Something like the motherly love, how a mother fills with happiness when her child does something for the first time or something good.

There is no hint of envy as there is no competition. He regards your victory as his very own victory and wins along with you.

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3. He pays attention.

One of the biggest things men do when they are in love with you is they pay attention to you; he not only listens to you but also respects your thoughts and follows your advice.

Men can be stubborn at times but if they love you, you will have their undivided attention. Your voice will be music to his ears and you won’t find him looking away while you talk to him.

4. Your happiness above all.

He will make sacrifices for your happiness. If he changes a plan or quit a habit just to bring that smile on your face and make you happy he really loves you.

You’re above everything for him, he loves you, respects you and you’re on top of his priority list.

5. He fights with you.

Fight here doesn’t mean the one where you get in the ring and beat one another to a pulp. Okay, bad joke. Occasional arguments in a relationship are necessary and they are inevitable.

It’s during those times your love is put to test. If he truly loves you will put the effort and time to fight with you, discuss and make things better.

He will try to find the middle ground where you both can be happy. It’s during fights that you can find out what was going wrong and then further takes steps to make things better.

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6. He will show you his vulnerable side.

Men do not like to be vulnerable and they don’t like to show it at all, but when a man is in love with you, he won’t mind showing you his vulnerable side.

He will be brave enough to show you that he is afraid to lose you. He will share his secrets and open his heart out to you.

7. You’re always beautiful for him, no matter what.

There are days when women are not at their best. Few pimples may appear, blackheads or sore lips.

Anything can happen which makes women feel insecure and less beautiful (though they still look equally beautiful) but a man who truly loves her won’t be bothered with that.

He will still find you beautiful even in the worst of your time. Your appearance won’t really bother him and he will make you comfortable whenever you are around him.

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8. He fights for your love.

There is nothing in this world that can stop a man who loves you. He will fight the whole world if you are by his side, he will take all the punches that come and would travel miles of desert, and he would suffer anything for you.

He loves you and is afraid to lose you, he will face anything to keep you.

A man in love feels lucky to have you in his life and makes it known that losing you is the last thing he would ever want. He will be there by your side and nothing can move him.

8 Things Men Do Only With and For The Woman They Love
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