The Zodiac Signs In A Physical Fight


The Zodiac Signs In A Physical Fight

The Signs In A Physical Fight  

Aries: Throws one punch and knocks their opponent out.  

Taurus: Out comes their inner bull, surprisingly ruthless.  

Gemini: Catches their opponent off guard with their cunningness, ends up winning the fight.  

Cancer: Cries until their opponent leaves them alone.  

Leo: Reluctantly throws a bitchy slap, won’t stop saying “please don’t hit my face”.  

Virgo: Would try to resolve things, when they realise there’s no resolving things they just throw a punch and get it over with.  

Libra: Really doesn’t want to fight, trying to talk their opponent out of it, waits until another Libra comes and promotes peace.  

Scorpio: Ruthless, doesn’t play by the rules, will pull your hair, scrape you and bite you, but not afraid to throw a decent punch.  

Sagittarius: Explodes with anger, throws multiple punches, wins the fight.  

Capricorn: Strong willed, doesn’t give up fighting, no matter how many times you knock them down.  

Aquarius: They’ll win with their logic and strategy, they’ll throw a quick punch here and there, you won’t even see them coming.  

Pisces: Confused as to why they’re fighting, bites their opponent then swims away.

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