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5 Spiritual Significance Of Hair That Has Been Long Forgotten By Us

Forgotten Spiritual Significance Of Hair

Do you feel your hairstyle is a part of your self-expression? For you, hair can be a thing that accentuates your looks but are you aware of the spirituality of hair?

Yes, the spirituality of hair! Believe it or not, our hair is not only for making us look good. The fact that among all the living species only we humans can grow our hair holds a deep spiritual significance.

The ancient people knew about this secret and thus we can find various references to the spirituality of hair in different indigenous cultures. But more on that later, now let’s focus on

  • How your hair establishes a connection between you and the cosmos
  • What is the spiritual meaning of hair
  • And what is the spirituality of hair all about?

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The Spirituality Of Hair: 5 Deep Significance

Let’s find out the relation between hair and spiritual energy.

1. The Spiritual Significance Of Cutting Hair

When hair is left uncut, it grows naturally and stops all by itself at a specific length that is right for the person. Among people who do not cut their hair, for example, The Sikhs, the hair length is different for every individual.

This implies that as every physical body is different from one another, so are their energy requirements. According to the beliefs regarding the spirituality of hair, hair channelizes vitalities from our external environment into our bodies, as per our unique requirements.

The spiritual benefits of long hair include:

  • Hairs act as antennas that absorb energy (Prana) from the Sun and transmit it to the frontal lobes, which are responsible for meditation, visualization, or other manifestation practices.
  • Hairs act as conduits bringing you cosmic energy and raising your vibrations
  • Your hair at its full mature length produces calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus, which enter our body through the two ducts located at the top of our brain.
  • All these ionic changes lead to better memory, stamina, physical energy, and patience
  • People with long hair tend to be more energetic and upbeat
  • Those with long hair can conserve their body’s energy and don’t feel cold as much as those with short hair
  • Those who have long hair have a strong sense of intuition and premonition.
5 Spiritual Significance Of Hair That Has Been Long Forgotten By Us
5 Spiritual Significance Of Hair That Has Been Long Forgotten By Us

Cutting your hair makes you miss out on this cosmic energy and vital nutrients. Your body is then pushed to produce extra nourishment to continually regrow your hair. After every haircut, it takes roughly 3 years for new antennas to emerge at the hair tips.

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2. The Spiritual Significance Of Kundalini Hair Care

Sages or Rishis of India have always practiced an ancient form of hair care, known as the Kundalini Hair Care. They tied up their hair in coils on the crown of their head, during the day, in a rishi knot and combed their hair down at night.

The Rishi Knot activates the pineal gland at the center of the head and energizes the aura or the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our body.

It’s believed that when the solar energy moves down to our spine, the Kundalini life force awakens and rises up to counteract the downward movement.

Other significance of Kundalini Hair Care:

  • Keeping hair up during the day aids in the process of absorbing the solar energy
  • Keeping hair down at night helps in absorbing the lunar energy
  • Braiding hair at night balances the electromagnetic field

3. The Spiritual Significance Of Split Ends

If you keep your hair loose and scattered, it might develop split ends. Trimming them will make you will lose your antennas. Keeping the spirituality of split ends in mind, you might try:

  • Applying a little amount of almond oil to your hair and keep it overnight so that your hair absorbs the nutrients before a wash.
  • Keeping your hair in a coil or rishi knot and covering it with a protective headgear will help your split ends heal fast.
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