The October Full Moon: A Chance to Lose Weight, Be a Rebel or Find Mr. or Miss Right

The October Full Moon: A Chance to Lose Weight, Be a Rebel or Find Mr. or Miss Right

Are you interested in losing weight…being a rebel…or finding Mr. or Miss Right?  If so, you’re going to love this Full Moon

On October 16, 2016 at 12:23 AM EDT we have a Full Moon at 23 degrees in Aries. There are 12 astrological signs of the zodiac; each one is named for a constellation. This one is unique because it happens to fall in the sign of Aries.

For starters, some of us may be asking, what’s so unique about the Full Moon? Well, it’s a time of super charged energy with the sun and moon in opposite signs of the Zodiac. The sun is now in Libra. And, the sun represents us—our character, and essence. The moon represents our emotional needs.

The Sun and Moon being in opposite signs now, creates a “yin and yang” of solar and lunar harmony. During the previous New Moon we may have conceived of ideas or become vaguely aware of our desires. In fact, we may have had miraculous epiphanies of the things we wanted to accomplish.

This is an exciting Full Moon because it is an exuberant time of new possibilities when we must trust our intuition and recognize we have the opportunity to “go for”—whatever we want! The Full Moon in Aries gives us the courage of the adventurer and the spirit of the pioneer to forge ahead toward our goals.

Yet, we may face an internal conflict with the Aries Moon, because the “dark side” of the Sun in Libra can make us indecisive, conflicted and paralyzed from taking action. This is at odds with the warrior nature of Aries, which is a risk-taker, often impulsive and wildly courageous.

Perhaps, the message of the Full Moon in Aries is to embrace our passionate desires while containing our ego, always remembering that the sun in Libra is about fairness and caring about how our actions affect those we have intimate relationships. What we want at this time cannot be so important that it comes at the expense of others.

During this Full Moon we have the opportunity to change our lives on an emotional level by standing up for ourselves, and taking care of our needs. We can make healthful changes to our body, for example by losing weight or improving our appearance. Or, we can take risks, we don’t normally take, to find the passionate love relationship we yearn for.

Here are some of the life-changing choices the energy of this Full Moon in Aries gives us the opportunity to make:

  1. Be self-assertive and stand up for ourselves.

Sometimes we just don’t stand up for ourselves. We turn the other cheek to avoid conflict and in the process become “door mats” for others to take advantage. It is not necessary for us to become “the Incredible Hulk” to get what we want.

However, during this Full Moon, we have the courage to communicate honestly and directly to let others know what we want and what are limits are.

One person who was non-drinker was tired of getting together with her four “drinking friends” at the local pub, and passively splitting the tab five ways even though she never drank. She felt taken advantage. She realizes that it is her responsibility to speak up and make sure she only pays her share of the bill.

Today is her day to say, “I am more comfortable just paying for my soft drink.”

  1. Do something for us—not them.

It is easy to be a giver and pay attention to everyone else’s needs but our own. We may find ourselves focusing all our attentions on pleasing and doing for others. For many—that means putting our spouses, children and friends before us. Over time, this habit becomes a way of life and our needs become unimportant and subordinated to those we love. After all, it’s so easy to “take” from a giver who is always giving.

During this Full Moon in Aries, we realize that emotionally—we must take care of ourselves. Sometimes, we need to be first!

We are now ready to pamper ourselves whether it’s going for a facial or massage or curling up in bed with a box of chocolates and a great book. Tonight, the family can serve us dinner or take us out for one.

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