THE HEALING PARADOX: How My Insomnia Taught Me Secrets to Living an Abundant Life

One of the Healing Paradox’s greatest tricks is keeping you in search of the symptoms. Your mind chases your symptoms, so much so that you keep them in view. The secret is that if you would just allow them to run, without giving notice to where they’re going, they might just run off into the horizon and out of the range of perception.

So let’s go back to the Law of Vibration, that everything you do (and feel) alters your cellular vibration. When you’re excited, like truly over the moon, you feel a god-like power fueling you from within. Ever notice that? But when you’re depressed, that inner fuel is running on fumes. A simple shift in emotion can instantly take you from bursting with energy to fatigued and sluggish.

Well, the same applies to physical symptoms as it does emotions. The more thought-energy you focus on a symptom, the more guaranteed it is to exist in your reality. The act of noticing keeps it in your range of perception.

There’s a quote I often cite by the great American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson – “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” The reason why I enjoy this quote so much is that it so clearly conveys this notion of manifestation. We’re literally manifesting our reality all day long with the thoughts we entertain.

When I was in the trenches of my insomnia, it consumed me. I viewed everything in my life as a challenge, because I was surely going to be too tired to function or perform. And you know what, it WAS a challenge! Every waking moment of the day insomnia was on my mind. I had taken the label of insomnia, and quite literally embodied it.

You may be thinking, “But these are symptoms of insomnia – of course I’m going to be tired and life is going to be hard!”

The problem with that thinking is it’s counterproductive. Giving any health condition so much focus builds an energy system around it. It gives it power. But the fact is, your body is an instrument of your mind, and will adapt to your thought-energy. Your body literally changes its chemical balance, and your brain changes its neural pathways.

If you think of something that causes you stress, you’ll produce stress chemistry in your brain. You’ll produce higher levels of cortisol and adrenalin in your bloodstream, and cause increased blood to flow to your major muscles. If you think in this way consistently, then your brain will actually re-wire itself to develop neural pathways that facilitate this mode of thought. This is widely accepted science. With every thought, you are creating your health.

So here’s the second half of the Healing Paradox: the real way to self-heal is to flip your perspective. Know your own inner healing power. Believe in it. Go to the doctor to take care of the health of your physical body, but take responsibility for the health of your mind. Help the healing of your body by focusing your thought-energy on health, instead of your current problems, symptoms, and worries. As you go about your day, hold this in your mind. Take moments to stop and revel in it; enjoy the thought of it so much that you actually feel the joy.

This is why I call it the Healing Paradox. Because this is exactly opposite of how we are conditioned to think. To most people, it sounds completely idiotic to overlook symptoms and to focus on an imaginary image of health. Most people will flat out argue, or even scream, that this is just ludicrous.

But this is how I cured my insomnia. And this is happening every day with all types of health problems, even the most terminal.

The secret is, when you begin doing this consistently, keeping your mind suspended in a state of perfect health, your body is sure to follow. This is the placebo effect in action. Nobody disputes the placebo effect, but what they do is write it off as an anomaly. But the placebo effect is NOT an anomaly; it’s the Healing Paradox in action. YOU can become a master at the placebo effect, because all it takes is belief and consistency.

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