The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Couples

Most Toxic Zodiac Couples

We all want to be with a person who is our home and an adventure all at once. Being with someone who loves and understands you and only wants to see you happy is rare to come by, but not impossible. Unfortunately, there is a flip side to this too, because not everyone is going to be a good fit for you, and astrology can tell you a lot about that. There are many zodiac couples who might look like they are a good fit for each other, but they are really not.

The fact is you could be insanely in love with someone but all the red-hot fiery passion in the world won’t be sufficient to keep your relationship going if you are not compatible. While getting to know each other and discovering compatibility is a fun process and should be given its due time, astrology can make your work easier.

Most relationships that seem perfect on the surface, may turn out to be toxic relationships after all, due to lack of compatibility. Without compatibility, there’s no hope of any relationship working out in the long run. Astrology can help you understand which zodiac couples are toxic, and have no chances of working out at all, so before you dive deep into a relationship, watch out for these pairings that make the most toxic zodiac couples of all.

The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Couples

1.  Leo + Cancer

Leo is a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign. Leo craves adventure and spotlight, whereas Cancer likes to stay in, and craves deeper intimacy from their partners. Leo can be very outspoken and share their views unabashedly, and this can be too much to handle for sensitive Cancer as they tend to take everything to heart. They pretend to be okay with it for a while but with time, they start to grow distant from Leo and withdraw into their shell.

Leo finds it difficult to understand Cancer’s need for deeper intimacy and emotional understanding, and Cancer fails to understand Leo’s need for adventure and exploration. So it’s no surprise that their relationship never works out, most of the time; they have zero compatibility and are unsurprisingly one of the most toxic zodiac couples out there.


2. Capricorn + Aquarius

Capricorn is an Earth sign and Aquarius is an Air sign. As an Earth sign, Capricorn is disciplined, perfectionist, and thorough. They like to make detailed plans and don’t like change whereas Aquarius being an adventurous sign is very spontaneous and is always looking to try out new and interesting things because, for them, change is the only constant.

Capricorn being an Earth sign wants to be successful in life, and be financially stable and that’s why they always make their career their first priority. When it comes to love and relationships, they like to show their love in a physical, and more practical way, because they don’t really feel comfortable with romance and PDAs.

Aquarius belongs to the element of air and they need heavenly love, and they crave someone with whom they can be completely open and vulnerable with their mind, body, and soul. They don’t care much about material things and money, and just want to be with someone who will help them spread their wings wide and fly. That’s why Capricorn and Aquarius are not really a good match when it comes to being in a romantic relationship.


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