Tarot Manifestation Reading For November 2018


Tarot Manifestation Reading For November 2018

Tarot Manifestation Reading For November 2018


the fountain

Amazing time waiting for you. The goddess energy seems more prominent for you this month as this year is coming to an end so are your sorrows. This month will bring a lot of cheer & happiness. Whatever you’ve been wishing for is coming true, but the catch is that you’ve to choose carefully. Don’t let desperation or frustration lead you into something you may not be able to handle.

Good times rolling in, remain patient and positive.

Mantra: I am happy with my life and its amazing miracles, always.



knight of cups

You need to take the right decision, you need to act but you’re not. You’re wasting your time with stuffs which doesn’t bother you and you aren’t afraid of them. So, you are letting yourself drift this month.

If you want to achieve your goals in every aspect and still don’t want to accept things within and around, you’re in a difficulty of your own creation. Stop looking at your past or making your fear the excuse of your aloofness.

Mantra: My actions are aligned to my highest good, now.




You are in desperation and is in a precarious condition, at least that’s how you feel about it. There may be a few surprises for you this month, as the people you rely on may not be able to help you. You’re stubborn and is not wanting to be flexible at all.

Review your life and the situation from a different angle. You may not be accepting its main motivation and which is why things aren’t good with you.

Mantra: Cosmic energy is protecting me and guiding me always.




Many conflicts both at the inner and outer levels. You’re not able to decide on how to go ahead in your life and if the direction it’s taking is the right one. Even this conflicts and confusion is there in your work and personal life.

You are not satisfied nor are you trusting anybody or anything right now. As & when you let go and decide on your intentions clearly the world will right itself and you’ll be good. Have more confidence with your abilities.

Mantra: my Inner God is paving my path to success, easily and swiftly.




You’re happy and it shows. You’re feeling passionate about whatever you have decided in your life at this moment, how will you move ahead is something you should strategize.

Life is playing fair and you will be reaping rewards at this time. Remember to use your abilities to plan ahead of this year and how are you going to set the mood for that.

Mantra: My happiness is present and increasing at all moments, always.



Nine of Swords

You have been through tough times and difficulties and you have kept those fears and pain inside you, letting them play with your present and future. You may think that the situation is not good but it’s not very bad, as you feel.

Let go of the fear and do what you think you may not be able to. The situation will reverse only when you take the right stance, even against your ego-self which keeps pulling you down.

Mantra: I am a free being who attracts success easily.




You really want to change the situation and move on with your life, but that’s not happening. It seems that you’re stuck in this situation and you’re not able to shake it off your life. It’s affecting you badly and you’re not able to do anything.

Angels say that you need to stop over-thinking and attaching yourself to the situation more than required. If you want to shake off the feeling of helplessness, take a professional help of a healer or a person who can do it for you. The right action is required now.

Mantra: I let go of anything that’s not serving me for my highest good.




Take rest, go out and enjoy, this month is not about heavy manifestation. Don’t seek anything this month and let things happen, the best thing is to enjoy yourself.

Try to be positive even in trying situation and it’s important for you to take care of your health on both physical and mental level. Don’t make any decisions nor start any project. Angels say that this is a month of surrender and if you don’t let go off the control then know that things can worsen for you.

Mantra: I am happy and relaxed, surrendering my life to the cosmic power.




You are manifesting!!!!! This month will be one of the best that has come in favor of you. Enjoy, make plans, work on your strategies, your goals and intentions and enjoy happiness.

Do maintain your focus and if you feel you need to learn and add value to yourself, this month is ideal. Make room for more and let yourself let go of the panic and anxiety that assails you at times. As you see the results of your work, be more confident about yourself.





You feel a little put out as your plans are not going according to your wishes. Patience is required of you and knows that when there is any real support it will be given to you. Rather than have foul or misleading help, it’s better to do things by yourself.

Your relationship with your beloved is not working out and you may feel disconnected from the relationship. Give yourself time to sort out what you really want.

Mantra: I am at peace with myself and my life as it unfolds for my highest good.





A good time and Angels ask you to tread carefully. You needed getting the right signs that things are working for you and this month its loaded with the right signs. Now you know you’re treading the right path, you’re creating more security and protection with money, with the right partner, and you’re carving out the right niche.
Be happy and at peace and be alert to the decisions you have to make.

Mantra: I am receiving, and allowing myself to create my perfect life.




You wanted balance and that’s being provided this month. It seems that the signs are all there for you to rise & shine and carve a way to success as you are able to see things more clearly.

Angels ask you not to get desperate and keep working with your rituals, and letting go of the panic and fear is a good idea. There will be opportunities given to you and its up to you to utilize them fully. Keep your fingers crossed, know and surrender.

Mantra: I have successful opportunities which are manifesting my dreams successfully.

Written by Paulamie Das

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Tarot Manifestation Reading For November 2018

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