Tarot Manifestation Reading For July 2018

 July 02, 2018

Tarot Manifestation Reading For July 2018

Remember this month is presenting many situations for your highest good but the choice is always yours, take them or leave them.


Mantra: “I act for my highest good embracing the right opportunities”.


This month for you will pass in a jiffy as many things are happening and you are too busy day-dreaming. Not a very good strategy for the energy of July as there’s a lot that can happen if you want it to.

Angels also suggest that you’re very fixated with an idea and you’re not giving anything else priority right now. Whether it’s a good or a bad move for you will depend if you’re leaving out really important part of your life because of it. So, chose well so you don’t regret later.


Mantra: “I AM working for my highest good now & always”.


It seems that this month is going to be presenting to you tests that will turn into opportunity and happiness. Remember karma is to be offloaded everyday so that there’s room in your heart and your aura for welcoming abundance.

Keep your inner knowing intact of your manifestations coming true and bring peace to your anxiousness and fear of losing. Void can’t be filled with void so to attract the right energy you can’t focus on the wrong.


Mantra: “I AM attracting happiness, fulfillment and peace, now!!!”.


This is the right time to move to greener pastures. The going has been tough since the last few months and you want to move ahead, but there’s this fear that’s holding you back from the expected happiness.

You know that the time for you to move has come, but the karmic thoughts are keeping you bound. Angels ask you to move out of the cycle with courage and happiness, knowing that you’re being looked after by the universe and the divine and as you show the with your actions that you want happiness and peace.

Take accountability of your life!!


Mantra: “I AM protected and secured and my decisions are aligned for my highest good”.


A time for reckoning for many. After fighting all the difficult times and people you are now being rewarded this month. Remember to communicate clearly and honestly whatever you are, your goals and your dreams. Communication will be important for you this month.

If you’ve a gift of gab, it will help you attract and create the right time, and the right opportunity for you. Your openness will bring you success and manifestations for which you’ve been waiting long.


Mantra: “I AM manifesting all that I have dreamed of, now & always”.


Let your mind and your thoughts rest this month. Thinking is anyway overrated, what Angels are trying to tell you here for the month of July is your total surrender. Don’t be pushy or controlling, rather than that do your own stuff and leave the rest into the able command of the universe and the Angels.

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