Tarot Manifestation Reading For December 2018

 December 02, 2018

Tarot Manifestation Reading For December 2018

If you’ve been relying on some people for help, who you’ve helped and thought they’ll return the favor, then the return isn’t there. The speculation that you had made won’t be fruitful. There may be some heartbreak too in the offing.

Let this situation glide over you, not disturbing your peace because the more resilient you’re the more help you’ll get. It seems like Jupiter may help you if you keep yourself grounded (visit  http://www.youtube.com/c/PaulamieDas) for your highest good.

Mantra: Changes always brings in pleasant surprises and success, showing me the right path.



You have been weighing a long time, the options that you think will show you if the path you’ve been thinking of is right or wrong. Your intuition is always showing you the way, so why let your logical lower brain talk you out of it. It will show you limiting energies, boundaries that you may not get solutions for or it will seem like that and you will be led to belief in your own inadequacy.

If that’s the case then you’re losing out another battle which could have let you to shine as the star you are. Know you are limitless and then make the right choice.

Mantra: I AM a limitless being of immense power & intelligence.




Life is showing you the truth so make way for it. Go with the flow and this month lose some control and enjoy the times that are unfolding. Your intuition will be quick active this month, which will help you know and understand situation before they unfold. It also gives you immense power to choose and be right, reap rewards and be happy.

Find your truth this month!!!

Mantra: I flow with the flow of life, creating happiness & fulfillment.




You will gain whatever you are willing to. This month is good for any results that you’ve been awaiting. The result will exceed your expectations. If you’re going for a job interview, do your analysis well and you are bound to win. If you’re looking for gaining a contract, you will have it.

This is a winning month for you which also means that you’re experiencing far more than others and seem to know more than others too. It may be your experience, your previous knowledge or your inner guide guiding you. Listen to yourself.

Mantra: I am aligned and in tune with my inner magician completely.




The angels say that his month is to enjoy with your family and friends. If you have been worrying about your finances, then things will be good for you this month. There is now more stability and security in your dealings and also that you’re better within the circumstance to hold onto your promises.

You are again gathering your inner strength and confidence. A good time for your self-esteem.

Mantra: I AM unfolding divine riches and prosperity in my life, now.



You are doing great wherever you are. This month seems to give you more perspective of your life and you’re enjoying being calm and collected. You know where you’re going as you feeling very sure of yourself.

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