Tarot General, Manifestation & Love Guidance for today (13 March 2018)


Daily Tarot Manifestations: General And Love Guidance for each Zodiac Sign (13 March 2018)


Daily Tarot Forecast for Aries:

Knight of Cups

Angels ask you to take heart even if you feel a little frustrated at times today. The message is to bear your emotions without emotions 😊 It simply means swaying to every feeling is not to do you any good, so keep yourself calm.

The manifesting energies seem to be powerful and more so in the arena of love. Self-love will be potent ingredient to attract more abundance. Never to forget to be grateful to yourself for being there and not defeating you in midst of anything. Say heartfelt thanks and let things settle themselves.

Love Reading: As said in the manifestation reading, the day is bright for people in a lookout for love. It will indicate or give sign to the near happy future and the person. Some of you might meet the person, while others will get a brief signal. A day of amazing love energy for everybody.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Taurus:

Nine of Pentacles

A better opportunity either in the form of a job offer or a new client or a business associate might be knocking your door. It may be a new project too. Always hope for the best and if you see somebody struggling today extend your help.

There’s a Venus’ energy to your day which means all things of material concern and desires you’ve will see a progress. For many of you there will be manifestation and successful ones, many of you will receive new insights and directions.

Love Reading: Joyful and happy disposition between the partners either in a committed relationship or in a dating scenario. A great day to move forward and deepen the connection with your lover.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Gemini:

Knight of Wands

You might receive the help & support you were thinking for in your life. Today’s the day to ask for it and receive it graciously. You know who all are there to help you so think positively and seek.

A lot of Yang energy is detected today, so the best day to make decisions for your manifestations and to decide on the next path. Many of you it may seem will like to form solid, clear intentions which you find you’ve missed. So, you seem fired up intellectually or on the mental level to work today.

Love Reading: For everybody on the verge of proposing, today is the day you’ll know exactly what the answer will be or will have a sense of it. People in relationship, love will have a great time. Just check on you being overbearing.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Cancer:

Nine of Swords

Today the energy of your thoughts and feelings might pull you down and the lower frequency of your aura might attract more challenges and difficulties. A little bit of karmic energy is detected which means if you meditate and pull your thoughts & feelings together knowing which one’s are harming you, things will go right. All the best.

The manifesting energies says that at times when we feel low and depressed we can become cruel to our own self by thinking & feeling the wrong way, doing the wrong things that might jeopardise your success for a long shot. So better, remain calm meditate on your inner being and work with your invocations or words of power to lift your spirits.

Love Reading: Know that the energy not being right, making haste in saying things or acting out in a way that you might regret later is not good. Remain patient yet calm.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Leo:

Three of Cups Reversed

The energies might overwhelm you with many revelations. You might think that things were going right in your life then you’re for a shock but not in a bad way. Many new avenues might open up today, stay tuned.

The energies say that either you might have accomplished something of your manifestations recently or have got some signals for it. Today you might get a sign of changing your way of approaching things or you might form a new goal/vision or intention.

Love Reading: There might be some owes financially in your relationship so better to talk things out and communicate honestly. For singles there’s some hope around the corner 😊

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Virgo:

Judgment Reversed

Tread carefully and look before you leap is your message. Remain very alert and attentive to your day to day work and conversations. Today is the day to shine in your true honest self and remaining authentic. Rewards will follow soon.

The manifestation energies ask you not to procrastinate things and keep your authentic-self awakened to its ultimate potential. Remember that you’re the creator of your destiny so waiting for something to happen might blow away all the present opportunities and there’s no guarantee they’ll be back, so use what you have.

Love Reading: A new perspective is required from both the partners in a romantic relationship. Things might have changed but how have you people changed with the love is what should be the question today. Communicate and analyse.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Libra:

Nine of Cups Reversed

You will feel drawn to the day, every situation and work you do. That’s the power of the day today. Visualize yourself happy and you’ll be, mediate on peace and you’ll get it. Think of success more often today and enjoy all the situations that crop up.

It’s important to maintain the success and the work you’re doing to manifest your dreams. The day might give you a lot to be happy but never forget that intention you’d when you woke up. So, keep your commitments is the Angel advice.

Love Reading: A lovely day for everybody. There might be some stock taking between couples but otherwise an amazing day for love.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Scorpio:

Ten of Cups Reversed

Don’t be vindictive about things that can be set right, just because you feel not so good about the work, or the day. Your reactions are measured and they set the wheel of future in motion. So, while you want that wheel of fortune of happiness, contentment with things you can’t go on damaging the spoke, can you?

The manifesting energies ask you to cultivate clarity and know when to retreat from emotional outburst. Not every reaction is worth it so watch out. Re-evaluate your intentions and ask the right question of what you really want.

Love Reading: Have respect towards your partner enough to give them their rightful time, and not thinking about something else or someone else. Your respect will bring it back to you.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Sagittarius:

Ace of Wands Reversed

You might be worried about that small patch of difficulty in a seeming wonderful situation and Angels advise you against that. Know that challenges are there to test our mettle and without them there’s no progress, so understand your worry and anxiety and work through it.

Important to keep your head on your shoulders. You don’t want chaos in your manifestations and so it’s better to remain level headed whatever might be the energy today. Just build that inner motivation by meditating at the start of the day.

Love Reading: There might be some energies of misunderstanding lingering since some time so work through it but be conscious of what you say, words are powerful as well as the meanings behind them.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Capricorn:

The Empress Reversed

There is a lot of Yin energy and so the day is for you to relax and attract. It’s like the mantra “Do more by doing less”, which means that your focus should be in the right direction and your thoughts and feelings should not be misplaced.

Your focus might be too narrowed to look at the bigger picture which is required for the day to face facts in manifesting your visions. Don’t be too stubborn or too narrow-focused but think out of the box and think broadly.

Love Reading: If your intuition is revealing something to you about your relationship or your partner, whether good or bad take it seriously. The energies might suggest many things so be open and remain in surrender as it’ll be good for your relationship now & in future.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Aquarius:

Three of Swords

A day to be cautious and not taking things too personally. Having said that don’t be a doormat but remember to not take everything on your heart. I also detect a lot of heart break energy today among you, so may be past hurt and pains are coming back to you today and you’re allowing yourself to wallow in pity and misery. Not a good omen!!! So, watch out!!!

Angels suggest that to attract the dreams we have, we need to acknowledge hurt and pain. If your remembering something of the past or have been dealt with rudely today acknowledge the pain and that you’re feeling bad. Let it come out if you want to cry or howl. As you acknowledge you allow the healing to happen and that is what is required.

Love Reading: Don’t let the past mistakes or hurt block your judgment and your thought. Focus solely on any problem that you have today and try to find a solution rather than playing blame game.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Pisces:

King of Wands Reversed

Your tolerance and understanding might be used against you so beware. People think it’s easy to cross you and use you because you’re tender hearted, so make this your strength. You are giving and sharing with the universe and not with any individual. Work today with this mentality and don’t let others the option to hurt you.

There might be lack of progress in some projects but remember not everything appears on surface before time. So, have hope and keep working with the same spirit of motivation and joy that you always do. Let universe respond to your magnetic energy.

Love Reading: Take one step at a time and remain open to whatever is coming your way in the territory of love & romance. It’s true for every Pisces today. Remain hopeful and happy.

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By Paulamie Das

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Daily Tarot Manifestations: General And Love Guidance for each Zodiac Sign (13 March 2018)

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