Some Of Us Are Bright


“Some of us are bright, happy people with deeply melancholy, oceanic souls.
The spectrum of this is massively wide with many nuances and shades of feeling, both subtle and encompassing. Swim them all.
This is what living is about.”
Victoria Erickson

Existential Paradox within Oneself!

Existential Paradox within Oneself!

“Don’t you die someday?”

“Won’t you live today?”

The dark demon within lurks

Around uttering those soothing lines

As my day fades away unanswered and ‘blessed

“Don’t you die someday?”

“Won’t you live today?”

Hearken my brain and beast

As I peer through that silver crystal mirror

Feeling helpless to thee myself ever.

“Don’t you die someday?”

“Won’t you live today?”

Roars the nihilistic soul of mine

Staring at the obscure beings around me

My blood runs red and cold, in vain.

“Don’t you die someday?”

“Won’t you live today?”

As the pitch of darkness

Adds glitters of melancholy deep

For my Whimsical and witty vision goes ‘doomed.

“Don’t you die someday?”

“Won’t you live today?”

The dark demon within me loathes

Around still those soothing lines,

Holding me in its delirious hands to the good night!

The Unexplainable Feeling of Longing: A Place Your Soul Called Home


The unexplainable feeling of longing for a place, that one does not even know and never feel like to relate with that place before, it can be a sign of recognizing the identity of a soul. Seeing a picture of a certain place may trigger a soul to feel the great longing, the feeling like they have been there before. The spiritualists believe oneself may experience the feeling similar to déjà vu, while it is also called as recognizing the true home of the soul. It sounds like soul-searching, and maybe it is.

When the unknown feeling suddenly appears, it feels like a myth that needs a body of proof. Some says it is the feeling of loneliness, but some say it is probably a strange feeling that’s called saudade. The spiritualists, and also for those who believe more about God and everything metaphysical tends to prefer the latter. Have you ever felt a weird feeling in your chest, the heavy and strong feeling of longing about something you are not sure about?

According to the; Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return.

If one has experienced the feeling of misplace about where one currently resides, there is a possibility that the soul wants to feel the nostalgia of being somewhere out there.

The first origin nature of the soul knows what it wants, but the outer mind can’t process the unknown images that are never been there before. It is the absence of the mind that prevents the soul from reaching its peak to release a deep emotional state and melancholy. Thereafter, the feeling can baffle the mind from understanding the situation.

Maybe there are people out there, who come across with a picture of a beautiful place on the internet, and suddenly their tears start falling out of nonsense. It such nonsense to cry for nothing, but maybe it is the soul who cries, longing for a place that once called home.

Take this for example; a woman wants to go travelling, but she isn’t sure where to go, and so, when she tries to look on the internet, she comes across with many of beautiful places. Until then, she found a certain place she never saw before in Italy. Through the images, her eyes lingered, and tears starts falling. Her mind cannot process why she cries for a place she has never seen before, but she feels really relate to that place.

There are probably people that have a strange feeling of wanting something, like an urge to go away from anyone, locking themselves up from the world for a while. Sometimes a person wants to hide away somewhere far away, don’t feel like losing oneself in an alleyway. Many people won’t understand with being in a state of isolation, because it’s such an unusual thing to be happened.

That’s why it is called as the feeling of saudade. It’s not understandable, being melancholy without a reason to be known. But perhaps, one day, the person who has experienced the feeling itself can find the reason why. Since it is a matter of heart, each soul has the answer. Every journey will lead someone to learn about something.

Know the unknown, to reveal the mystery.


25 Characteristics Of An Indigo Child

25 Characteristics Of An Indigo Child

Before we talk about the characteristics and traits of the Indigo Child/ Adult, we must start by figuring out who the Indigo Child/ Adult are.


Who can be called an Indigo Child/ Adult?

These are the “Gifted ones”. They are the ones who are meant to change the way humanity has been working for all this time.

Their mission is very clear; they are just here to reshape the very concept of reality and challenge the hitherto structures of society.

The Indigo child/ adult are often diagnosed with behavioral problems like mood disorders, ADHD etc.

They are even given medication for these problems that they don’t have at all and these medications (obviously) have an adverse impact on the brain of the Indigo child.

Thus, it results in the loss of contact with their true nature which is not only a loss to them but it is also a huge loss to the whole civilization. This only goes to prove one thing which is that the Indigo Child/ Adult are largely misunderstood.


If you are an Indigo Child/ Adult, you will surely have the following 25 characteristics:

25 characteristics of an Indigo Child


You may be brilliant but that brilliance is more natural. It isn’t premised on the grades that you get. You may not be getting the best grades but everyone around you appreciates and is very aware of your intelligence.



You may be extremely creative and would love to make new things by using your creative reservoir. You cannot stop yourself from being creative even if your life depended on it.



You are searching the answer to the Whys of life. This means that the reason behind everything intrigues you so much more than anything else. You just want to know why things are the way they are.



Perhaps, you detested some practice in the school and wanted to change it no matter what. So much so that you even planned how to do the same. This shows that you do not like authority and control. You wish to be free.



Also, you surely were rebellious in school and hated when people wielded power and authority over you.



Early in life, you faced depression and sadness. Yes, sadness and melancholy were the basics of your life and you dealt with depression as well so much so that suicidal thought were everyday phenomena.



You may have problems in jobs that are service oriented. This means that you like to be your own boss. Again, you don’t like or appreciate authority.



You either prefer working alone or you prefer the high positions. This is because you are sometimes uncomfortable in the presence of people and you want to reduce your interaction with them.



You have a deep unwavering sense of empathy for the people around you but you do know when someone is just stupid. This means that you only feel empathy for people who deserve it.



You may be extremely emotionally sensitive. You can cry even at the movies and people have often pointed this about you. Some people love this side of yours and also confide in you sometimes.



Maybe, you cannot control your anger. You do not lose your temper usually but when you do, it is impossible to control.



You may have trouble with the systems of society that are in a terrible condition. You just want these systems to be in place as you wish that the society moves forward. These systems can be the legal or the political or even the education system.



You may absolutely abhor politics and you may even make attempts to stay away from it. Perhaps, you think that politics does not make a difference in the world.



You aren’t a fan of the big American Dream. This means that you are critical of it and find faults in the idea.



You hate it when your rights are taken away from you. You react in an infuriated manner during such situations as you believe that rights make a human, human.