Are You At Peace With You?

Are You At Peace With You?

we need to understand what exactly are we doing when we are at war with ourselves.,Are You At Peace With You?

Dear river

Dear river

Dear river, In you, I see myself , In your water, I see portrait of my life, when you were born, you were worshipped as holy and divine, when I opened my eyes, Purest soul, is what they define. Villagers loved you as you were their mother, my childhood was …

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I Gave You $10

I Gave You

I gave you $10, He gave you $20. You felt that he was better just because he gave you more.

People Say I’m Beautiful

We see in others what we should see in ourselves.

People say I’m beautiful. I don’t believe it. I say people are beautiful. They don’t believe it. I guess we all just don’t see it.

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