Still Alone

Have you ever seen a moon shining in the dark?

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It is alone, still shines!

Have you ever seen the sun shining in the sky?

It is alone, still shines!

What don’t you have? You have land and feet,

Will you be the sun or the moon, can you think positive?

Who knows the name of stars or fireflies?

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Who knows the name of morning or evening?

Ever seen a mountain fighting storms?

It is alone yet stands up courageously!

Ever seen the dark? It is lonely, yet scares everyone!

Have you ever seen light? It is alone yet shines everyone!

Ever seen the shore? Alone, still collides with thousands of waves!

Have you ever seen an earthquake?

Learn how to create turbulence in the sea alone!

Say it loudly, I am confident in myself and my courage,

What if there is the sky on my head?

Say, I keep all the land under my feet!

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Ravinder Virdi
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