Ravinder Virdi

Helping you get from where you are, to where you want to be is how I define my expertise in helping you dealing with life changes. Life coaching helps in an in-depth way that crosses all the contexts of your life. For example stress management, goal setting, and dealing with life changes are important in your personal life, your social life, and in public arenas. A life coach helps you, in just about any context, to do things like ... get unstuck, climb out of your box create healthy habits , have more fun ,unleash your creativity , improve your relationships ,connect to your life purpose and your inner passions , develop your leadership potential ,identify and reach your goals Helping you discover the answers you probably already have inside yourself. I may have strategies to help you to find resources in yourself, in your professional world, and in your community for the important answers you are looking for.

Your Smile

Your smile...Like a flower blossoming in the garden,Like the moon turned out from the clouds,Like an unbeaten heartbeat

Find Your Answers Today

Great thinkers were born,When they started to,Find answers to their,Own questions.Think About It: TODAY!

Differences Create Distance

When we start thinking,"What difference does it make?"Maybe from there,The difference starts.Differences Create Distance.

I Will Be The Sea

I shall keep filling my heart with hopes and feelings,As the sea is made drop by drop, one day I will be the sea.

Yes, Love is Crazy

Yes, love is crazy. Just a little far, but still close, A little unknown, but still special A little bit stupid, but little bit intelligent

You Are My Daughter

You are my daughter, go move the mountains, You are my daughter, shake the wild with your voice, Make earth shiver, create tremble in the sea

The Light Within

The gleaming light in the eyes of your loved ones, you see every day, The love for you that they show every day.

My Sailor, My Sailor, Good Night…

I have my sailor for life who will make me happy and dance to the best weather under blue skies and sunshine.

Colorless Yet Vibrant!

We see reflected colours most of the time and reflected colors are the outer colours of every single object.

Happy Valentine’s Day

But I do have to gift you today as today is VALENTINE'S DAY. I gift you the Completeness that I never felt before.

Life With You…

Life with you is with me only and loving myself more and more.Thanks, you are there, so am I, else life is not what it should be.

Find Me

Find Me You can’t see me, Until You find me.