8 Romantic Ideas To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day


romantic ideas to spice up your valentines day

Whether you are in a relationship for a long time or just started to explore the dating scene, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to add some passion to your love life. If you are looking for some interesting valentine’s day romantic ideas to spice up your special day, then this article is for you.

Valentine’s Day is an international celebration of love. On this red-colored, glitter-filled day, the couples of the world take to showing each other how much they love each other. Gifts, candy, chocolate, and roses are trademarks of Valentine’s Day, creating an average annual Valentine’s Day spending of over 13 million dollars.

There is one thing money cannot buy, however, your time with your loved one and the intimacy you share together. With your gift and date plans secure, or not,

Here are great romantic ideas for couples to spice up your Valentine’s Day.

The truth is none of us are easy to deal with.

1. Start outside the bedroom

Valentine’s Day doesn’t start late at night in the bedroom, neither does it start at 7 O’clock on your date. The day of love starts when you wake up. Start building anticipation as soon as you wake up.

Flirty messages blinking on your partner’s phone are a good way to start, and you can choose to increase the levels of excitement with a well-thought voice message, a flirty picture, or a sneak peek at their present.

2. Sharpen your massage skills

This is one of the best romantic ideas for valentine’s day at home!

When you’re preparing for this Valentine’s Day, you may want to read up on proper massage techniques. Imagine walking your partner into a candle-lit darkened bedroom to be slathered with husky oils and pampered with a loving message.

Not only will your bae feel pampered and appreciated, but massages also relieve stress, helping them relax, and it boosts their mood, which will help good vibes spread well into your night.

To treat your loved one to a Valentine’s Day message, all you need is oil, a towel, and a pillow. Use slow repetitive movements with constant pressure, and take things slow, but always keep contact between your hand and your partner’s body. Keep things simple and let your bae feel loved and pampered on this special day.

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3. A very hot valentine’s morning

After a long valentines week, your partner probably expects the action to take place at night. After all, Valentine’s night is notorious for being one of the most romantic and spicy nights of the year. What better surprise can your partner have than to wake up to some action?

A quarter of those who participated in a sexual preferences survey listed mornings as the time of the day when they are most aroused. Not many people follow through with their desires, though, due to work pressure and commitments of the day ahead.

This year, wake up a bit early on Valentine’s Day, Whip up a quick theme-appropriate breakfast such as chocolate-covered strawberries, and wake your lover up with a surprise he will not forget all year.

Plan to be gone for longer than usual, though; men last longer during morning sex, and coupled with male enhancement pills, your morning session can be lengthy, so plan ahead and cancel your morning commitments. An added bonus? You will probably also get your workout for the day done, and be free to enjoy Valentine’s Dy, and its accompanying treats, for the rest of the day.

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4. Switch things up, literally

If morning sex is not an option for work commitment or any other reason, don’t worry; you can still do things differently this Valentine’s Day. Instead of going through the usual motions of waking up, exchanging presents, going out for a dinner date, then back home to your inviting bedroom, switch things up in a literal sense, and have sex before your dinner date.

That way, you will not carry the weight of the day on your shoulders, and have a workday ahead of you; you will have all the time in the world to spend with your loved one, and you will be able to enjoy every minute without thinking about much else.

Afterward, you can shower together, and take your cozy heartwarming post-sex conversation to date. You will most likely enjoy your date more this way with conversation flowing naturally and relaxedly after a fun evening, you will savor your meal with appreciation, and you will stay out and have fun for as long as you want. And, who knows? Maybe you will both be up for more fun back home.

5. Something new

The key to a pleasurable Valentine’s Day is the element of surprise. There is no better way to turn up the heat than to introduce something new to your relationship’s usual routine, and there is no better time to do that than on the day you celebrate love. This is one of my favorite romantic ideas for valentines day.

So, surprise your loved one with something new, or several new things if you feel up to it. We already discussed building anticipation and excitement outside the bedroom. Build on these feelings of anticipation you already started though out the day, and take Valentine’s rush to the bedroom.

The exciting surprising element can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can go all out in a sexy outfit, and serve your valentine a bowl of strawberries and cream, or you can simply light a few candles and switch off the lights for an intimate warm feel and increased romance.

A mere change of the spot in which you usually get together can have a significant effect alone, and add an exciting feeling to your valentine special night.

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6. Something red

Lingerie shops fill up with Valentine-themed items this time of year, and for good reason. Few things spice up Valentine’s night as red lace and shiny silks. This is a time when you should join the crowds, and go lingerie shopping. If you don’t usually wear showy bedroom attire, Valentine’s Day is the day you get to test that look and see its effects.

Naturally, you should choose something red, but everything else is up to your individual preference. The key is to look and feel sexy. This means choosing something that is enticing but also makes you feel comfortable. Opt for lingerie that highlights your best features and makes you feel confident. After all, confidence is the essence of sex appeal.

Men can take the ‘something red’ initiative and go shopping for their female partners if they want. If you’re doing that, make sure you sample some of her already existing, well-fitting pieces to know the correct size and choose something that will please your eye, but that will not intimidate her.

7. Something borrowed

New is always exciting, and you can take that concept to the extreme, and simply leave your usual familiar home behind for the day, and get a hotel room. There is something about hotels that spells quality a couple of times.

It could be the lack of responsibilities, the new setting, the adventurous vibe, but the fact remains that getting a hotel room is a sure way to guarantee an eventful Valentine’s Day and night, or with the help of some natural ways to increase stamina, even both.

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image talks about slow love and taking things slow as one of the romantic ideas for valentine's day.

8. Take things slow

As time goes by, you may find that you have made your time with your loved one fall down your list of priorities. Indeed, everybody has a long list of pressing commitments that can leave little time and energy for much else.

Because of that, people are often pressed for time when they are having sex. The intimate time you spend with your partner at the end of the day is preceded by long tiring hours of work and other responsibilities, and it is to be followed by another day facing life’s demands. You may find yourself not dedicating yourself entirely to connecting with your loved one as a result.

Even when you choose to prioritize your intimate time and spend some time together in bed in the morning, you will probably find yourself in a rush to get to work in time.

All these thoughts in your head and pressing responsibilities may be leaving you not enjoying quality time with your loved one. Male enhancement products could come into play and help make Valentine’s night long and pleasurable for all parties involved.

That shouldn’t be the case on Valentine’s Day, however. Take your time with foreplay. Focus on your partner, look at them, and enjoy every moment together. While foreplay is important to heighten that emotional bond, your time in bed is of more importance when it comes to her pleasure, according to this study.


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express your love to your partner. Couples don’t get the chance to say and do everything they want to in daily life, and this celebration of love and affection will help you dedicate this one day to fully celebrating your love and commitment. Breathe more fire into your relationship and let the passion flourish with the above romantic ideas for valentine’s day.

Have a happy valentine’s day!

Ideas for Valentines Day
How To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With These Romantic Ideas
romantic ideas to spice up your valentines day pin
Romantic Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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