Smoking or Vaping and How It Affects Mental Health

Smoking or Vaping and How It Affects Mental Health2

Such intolerant attitude can shock even a person without a mental disorder. And if your emotional condition is unstable, you can be very vulnerable. As a result, your mood is spoiled and you can’t concentrate. Another bad day, you might conclude.

Let’s just summarize. Many people with psychological conditions claim that smoking and vaping reduce their symptoms, but they usually pick up the habits before these problems appear. And while nicotine can relieve the symptoms temporarily, it doesn’t bring any positive outcome in the long run. In fact, it can lead to serious physical conditions, such as lung cancer that is common among smokers with mental health problems.

Tips on quitting

  • Go cold turkey. Quitting abruptly through willpower alone is considered the least effective way. But what if it will work for you?
  • Find new ways to overcome stress. You’ll be amazed at how many of them there are – meditation, breathing exercises, regular exercise, anti-stress massages, sticking to a proper diet, etc.
  • Seek support from family and friends. Ask those of them who smoke to do it discreetly from you. Your non-smoking close people can encourage you and share the ways they deal with stress.  
  • Avoid triggers. Remove all cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays from your home. Avoid places where you usually light up, like bars or clubs.
  • Consider vaping. The best vapes on the marketwon’t expose you to the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. You can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid until it reaches zero. A study conducted at the University of Catania, Italy, showed that e-cigarettes could reduce schizophrenic patients’ regular cigarette consumption without a negative effect on their schizophrenic state.
  • Use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to deal with nicotine cravings.
  • Take advantage of talking therapies. Group, individual, or telephone counseling can enhance your progress.

Are you a slave to cigarettes? Remember, it’s never too late to quit. Make the right choice for your physical and mental health!

Smoking or Vaping and How It Affects Mental Health2

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