21 Signs You’ve Met Someone From A Past Life

21 Signs You've Met Someone From A Past Life

9. If your situation is a recurring theme

While you may not feel you have known this person before, does the situation you’re in feel oh so familiar? Is history repeating itself in some way yet again? If you find yourself back in a situation that is repeating a past experience but with a completely different person then this is another sign of a deep past-life connection. As you failed to learn the lesson in the past, a new ‘teacher’ has appeared.

10. If someone is helping you for no apparent reason

Someone gives you a helping hand in some way with no expectation of anything in return. This could be a business mentor, a teacher or someone who offers you something you badly need right when you need it – and doesn’t necessarily expect to be paid back. This is a sure sign that this is someone you have met and helped in a past life, paying you forward in this one.

11. If something is left over after the relationship is over

You owe them something or they owe you. Or they’ve left something with you. This can be anything from a book, to money, a child or even a horse. Whatever it is, you or they aren’t going to get it back or take it back – not in this lifetime anyway!

12. If you experience a strong sense of Deja Vu

If you experience deja vu when you’re with a particular person, chances are the two of you experienced life together before.

13. If you have a telepathic connection

Is there someone in your life who you understand so much that you know what they’re going to say before they say it and vice-versa? If so, there’s a good chance that you two have traveled many lives together. Souls that share lifetimes tend to have a deeper connection than souls who are just interacting for the first time. If your connection is on a subconscious level, you’ve probably been together before.

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14. If you recognize their eyes

This is a trait that’s common with soul mates. If you come across someone and recognize their eyes it’s probably because you’ve been together in previous lifetimes. It is believed that while our bodies change from lifetime to lifetime our eyes stay the same so you can recognize someone from a previous lifetime in this manner.

15. If your relationship is short-lived but intense

Have you ever met someone and had an intense relationship with them only for it to end within a matter of months or even weeks? Often we have unresolved business with someone from a past life but we don’t need a long time to resolve it. A short, intense relationship can provide the closure that both parties need. While such a relationship can be painful and confusing, it can be exactly what both parties needed on a subconscious level.

16. Have you met your soulmate?

The drive for union with one’s “Soulmate” is so compelling, and so universal. To properly understand how our Soul mates affect us, we must first understand the types of “soul mates” that we can encounter in our journey, here are the types of Soul mates…

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