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Signs That You’re Healing

Signs That Youre Healing

Signs That You’re Healing

1. You no longer feel a compulsive need to reach out to toxic people. If you do, you know how to let the cravings pass mindfully.

2. You no longer walk on eggshells. You’ve stopped or limited people

3. You’ve come to terms with the reality of the toxic or abusive people in your life. Rather than dismissing their cruelty, you recognize you don’t want them in your life and deserve better.

4. You feel a renewed sense of hope and joy. You are able to pursue your hobbies, interests, goals, passions and ambition without as much fear.

5. You feel free to be your authentic self.

6. You honor and validate your emotions as they arise.

7. You speak kindly and compassionately to yourself.

8. Your boundaries are stronger than ever.

9. You are discerning of what healthy relationships and friendships look like.

10. You engage in self-care whenever you need it and make no apologies in prioritizing yourself.
-Shahida Arabi, MA. @selfcarewarrior

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