Four Signs You Need Rehab for Addiction & Mental Health

Signs You Need Rehab

According to the latest statistics from SAMHSA, in 2014, nearly 20 million people in the US had a substance abuse order, and almost 44 million people in the US had a mental illness. That means if you have a substance abuse disorder, you are 40% more likely to have a mental illness.

Here are four telltale signs that you need rehab for addiction and mental health problems.

1. Drugs or Alcohol Have Become Your Main Priority

If drugs or alcohol consumption becomes your main focus of everyday life, it is a telling sign that you have become addicted. That means the substance consumes your thoughts every day, and you spend increasing amounts of time and effort to acquire and use the substance. As you become more addicted, you will lose interest in former activities. You may also no longer spend time with your loved ones. If those signs apply to you, it is probably time to benefit from entering a rehabilitation program.

There are a wide variety of rehabilitation centers you could use to help you overcome your addiction, from state-run rehab establishments to private ones. For example, Johnny The Healer provides a unique luxury alcohol rehab and drug rehab healing and wellness center that offers a detox plan which involves a plant-based and holistic method removing all toxins from your body. If you have an addiction, your first port of call should be your doctor. Once you have received medical advice, you can decide on the right rehab course of treatment for you.

2. Your Physical or Mental Health Is Suffering

Substance abuse can lead to a broad range of negative physical and mental health effects. The types of health problems you can experience are dependent on the substance you take. For example, if you drink excessive alcohol regularly, you will be more prone to getting various types of cancer and long-term liver issues. Physical health effects from substance abuse can range from mild to fatal. As for mental health problems, taking drugs or alcohol can create depression, increased anxiety and agitation, and even symptoms of psychosis. If you take drugs or alcohol regularly, and you are experiencing unwanted changes in the way you think, feel, and behave, you need to seek professional medical or psychological help at rehab.

3. You Take Excessive Amounts

When you first take a drug, you are not accustomed to its effects. That means you feel them more intensely. But by using drugs or alcohol regularly over time, your body starts to adapt and goes through a process called tolerance. As your tolerance for the drug grows, the more your body needs the drug frequently or in higher dosages to create the same initial high you felt when you first took the substance. As you go through that process, you become more at risk of overdosing. If you find yourself taking substances in high quantities and with increased frequency, it is a sign you need to check into rehab to benefit from an addiction treatment program.

4. You Self-medicate a Mental Health Problem

People use substances for many different reasons. One of those is self-medicating to help mental illness. Because substances modify the way you think and behave, they are often used by people as a coping mechanism. But using unprescribed drugs can trigger or worsen mental health symptoms. So, if you self-medicate to help you cope, it is a sign you need rehab. Treating a co-concurring condition, which means you are suffering from both substance abuse addiction and mental health problems, requires more treatment than substance abuse alone. The chances of relapse are also heightened significantly. So, it is best to visit a dual diagnosis treatment center to receive specialized care.


Ron Evan