September 2018 Horoscope: Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

September 2018 Horoscope: Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

You will experience pleasure of both worlds. You will handle your work, finances, home affairs and love life with panache.

You will lay the foundations for great improvements in quality of your life and engage in projects that will yield long term results.

GEMINI (22 May – 22 June)

The emphasis for you will be on communication as your ruler Mercury remains in Leo and goes direct on 16 September.

The Full moon in Pisces on 26 will spell fresh start for you ,be it new projects or relationships.

You will visit new and exciting places, take up new activities, meet new people and break out of the mold of status quo to enter into an exhilarating phase of your life.


CANCER (23 June – 22 July)

The New moon on the 5th in Leo will make you focus on the matters relating to finance and property.

And with Saturn here too for the next two years, will encourage you to put your focus on taking up financial responsibility and getting your financial affairs in order.

With the New moon in Leo on 11 September, you will shine as the brightest star in the social circle.

With the Full moon in Pisces on September 26, you may wish to withdraw from the world but it’s a moot point if the world will let you.

Not now, no matter how keen your desire. You will be the centre of attention socially and will be attending events and socializing.

Make the most of this time by going all out after your wildest dreams.


LEO (23July – 22 September)

The New moon on 5th in your sign and Sun your ruler along with Mercury and Saturn here too spell new beginnings for you.

You will be at your most ambitious and prepared to put out your best in all fronts of life. You will work hard and party harder.

You will be involved in cutting deals, negotiations, contracts, acquiring wealth.

Steamy and passionate love affairs are also likely.


VIRGO (23 September – 22 September)

Venus is in your sign till the 17th and Sun moving in Virgo till 23rd  will make you come out of your quiet and reflective phase and make you start interacting with people again.

With Saturn in Taurus, you will have to careful in money matters or deals and health affairs.

It is not a goodtime for you to take on new projects without any deliberation. Take your time to think through things before making important decisions.


LIBRA (23 September – 22 October)

Libra you ruler is currently in Virgo and will return in your sign on 17th,it will make you  focus now on caring for others and helping them ,but all this generosity will come back many folds to you.

You will be thinking about a complete revamp or overhaul as far as your profession is concerned and will go into an introspective zone to make necessary life changes.


SCORPIO (23 October – 22 November)

The new moon in Leo occurs on 5th and the sector of your chart connected to career, it will mean increased responsibilities for you at the work front.

It will be a testing time for you to find a balance between home and work front.

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